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Water is vital. Drinking enough of it each day is highly recommended. At the workplace or at home, having a water dispenser is very practical. It makes it possible to have drinking water, hot, cold, or tempered, easily accessible. Of different types and with different designs, there are many devices on the market. There is for example Avalon A1WATERCOOLER with its top-loading. It works very quietly while being perfectly efficient. The Vitapur VWD5446BLS , on the other hand, is practical. Hot water is produced on demand and the temperature of the cold water is adjustable.

The 5 Best Affordable Water Dispenser (Reviews & Tests) of 2021

A water dispenser is a very useful piece of equipment. Do you still need to find one that suits your needs and your budget? There are many models on the market. All of them praise their characteristics. To help you know how to choose the Best Affordable Water Dispenser of 2021, here are some cool models.

1. Avalon Top Load Water Dispenser


The Avalon A1 water dispenser is a low profile model. It can thus be placed in any place without creating clutter. You can compare it to other models to see the difference.

Despite this compactness, this unit is able to accommodate standard 3 to 5 gallon cylinders. They are loaded from above. This dispenser can provide hot and cold water. Each has its own tap. In fact, you don’t have to come into contact with these items. You, therefore, do not risk leaving traces or even microbes.

To serve yourself, all you have to do is press the levers. Concerning the temperatures, they have a level adapted to the different uses. If you decide to buy this model, be aware that hot water can reach 185 ° F. Cold water goes down to 8 ° F. The hot water dispenser is equipped with a child lock to prevent scalding.

Pros & Cons

  • Secure device : This water dispenser is UL certified. It is built in such a way that its use is perfectly safe. The child safety system is one example.

  • Quiet operation: When it heats or cools the water for the first time, this device is a little noisy. Then you will no longer hear it working because it is so silent.

  • Practical design: The structure of this distributor is compact. It is also elegant with its white color.

  • Feet : The feet of this model are not adjustable. On uneven ground, it is, therefore, necessary to add shims.

2. Vitapur VWD5446BLS Water dispenser

Economy and ecology are 2 essential points that the best water distributor must satisfy. This manufacturer has understood this by integrating useful functions into this model. Indeed, the use of this Vitapur water dispenser considerably reduces the use of plastic bottles.

Then, this device is able to produce hot water and cold water. However, it differs from other models with its kettle function. This avoids constantly heating the water and therefore consuming electricity. All you need to do is press a button and in less than 3 minutes you have everything to prepare a nice hot drink.

In the end, this distributor costs you less by saving you up to 70% of energy. In addition, you have the option of adjusting the temperature of the cold water. Indicator lights indicate when the water is ready. Child safety is ensured by a switch under the hot water button.

  • Economic : This water dispenser allows great savings in the long term. It also meets Energy Star standards. Low power consumption means a lower bill.
  • Convenient to use: The dispensing space is spacious enough for you to fill a carafe or a bottle. In addition, the drip tray is removable.
  • Temperature adjustment: The cold water temperature adjustment function is very useful. At maximum level, the water is ice cold.
  • Reloading : When changing cylinders, the device is not very stable. It does not stay in place well.

3.Panasonic NCEG4000 Hot water dispenser

More practical than a kettle, this hot water dispenser is very useful, for example for the long winters of Canada. It has a capacity of 4 l and a power of 700 W. With this device, you have access to 4 temperature levels.

With the push of a button, you can select 160, 180, 190, and 208 ° F. There is also a low power 6-hour timer function. This device is mounted on a 360 ° rotating base. In addition to the handle, it allows everyone to have access to hot water by just turning the dispenser. It is also equipped with a Slow Drip button.

According to the manufacturer’s advice, you just need to place a container under the dispenser and place a filter filled with tea or coffee in it. By selecting this function, the water dribbles to allow time for the drink to be well infused.

  • Excellent reservoir : The tank of this device has a double coating. One is charcoal and purifies while alkalizing the water. The other is non-stick.
  • Hot water on demand: This dispenser allows you to have hot water at any time of the day. The capacity is sufficient for many people and the heat-up time is quick.
  • Easy to manipulate: There are few buttons on this machine and the handling is intuitive. The gauge is easy to read.
  • Lid : It seems that the cover is quite fragile. It must therefore be opened with care.

4. Costway Top Loading Water Dispenser

When you want the best brand of water dispensers, make sure it meets your requirements. Costway has this easy-to-clean model. The bottle holder is anti dust mites. It is also removable for easy maintenance.

The same goes for the drip tray. To save electrical energy, you can switch off the cold water dispenser and the hot water dispenser. For this, there are 2 switches on the back of the device. The heat reaches 190 to 203 ° F with the 500 W of this model. The cold, it drops between 43 and 50 ° F.

In terms of safety, the hot water faucet is equipped with a lock to protect children from accidental use. LEDs indicate the operating status of the device. This model also has a storage space. This cupboard is useful for putting cups and boxes of instant drinks.

  • Good temperatures : Hot water is hot enough for different preparations such as soups or coffees. Cold water is quite cold as if it came out of the refrigerator.
  • Compact : This unit only occupies 11 ” x 12 ” on the floor. It is therefore not bulky and is perfect to be placed in a small room.
  • Accessible : If you check out a price comparison, you’ll find that this water dispenser is quite affordable for a high-performance device.
  • Slightly narrow storage : Some users find it difficult to store equipment in the small cupboard at the bottom of the device.

5. Primo Water dispenser 900114 C-ramic tabletop water

This Primo water dispenser is a simple fountain. It does not need electricity to operate. It saves you hassle on your bill. This model also avoids complicated handling. So, when looking for where to buy the Best Affordable Water Dispenser that requires minimum maintenance, consider this one.

He is smaller than the water bottle he carries. Therefore, it can be installed on a counter for example. You just have to place it on the edge in order to be able to serve you. Nevertheless, a better alternative is provided. This is a wooden stand.

It allows you to place tall glasses under the tap. The latter is equipped with a lever for pouring water. The body of this dispenser is white ceramic with black stripes. This clean aesthetic is not just decorative. Indeed, this material is compatible with the dishwasher and is easy to clean.

  • Simple installation : The installation of this water dispenser is done in a few minutes. Just pick the spot, like a kitchen counter, place the body and put the bottle in it.
  • Easy cleaning: In order to clean this cheap water dispenser, you just need to put it in the dishwasher.
  • Perfectly functional: This equipment does not need an electrical outlet. In addition, it distributes water at the right temperature without changing the taste.
  • Support: According to a few users, the wooden stand is sometimes a bit wobbly. Some people prefer not to use it.


Buying Guide – How To Choose A Good Water Dispenser?

Deciding to opt for a water dispenser is already an important step. Now you have to choose the right one. Finding the Best Affordable Water Dispenser on the market is easier when you know what to look for. So here are some criteria you need to consider. They will help you narrow down the list of choices.

The type of distributor

There are mainly 2 types of water dispensers. By consulting a comparison , you must see if it is a bottle model or to connect to the network. The first type of equipment is quite widespread. It is supplied by bottles ranging from 3 L to more than 20 L for some models. This device can simply dispense water at room temperature.

It can also heat or cool water. The bottle dispensers have the advantage of being able to be placed indifferently in different places. They may or may not require an electrical outlet. This makes them more convenient to use in an entrance hall, kitchen or other room.

If you are wondering which water dispenser to choose for minimum maintenance, mains fountains are a good alternative. They do not need to be recharged every time. The availability of water is permanent. The quality of this is generally better thanks to the filters with which they are equipped. On the other hand, the device must be located near a water inlet. This limits its location.

These first 2 categories include fairly large devices. There are, however, smaller water dispensers. They mostly produce hot water. These devices are similar to kettles, but have a larger capacity, from 2 to 4 L, but can go up to 10 L. In addition, these devices can keep the water at a high temperature for a fairly long time. .



When browsing a buying guide for the Best Affordable Water Dispenser, look at the temperature range that the device can provide. Indeed, the thermal function of a distributor is interesting. The most basic models are however content to distribute water at room temperature. They, therefore, do not require electricity.

On the other hand, many devices are capable of heating water. The maximum temperature depends on the model. In general, it is close to that of boiling. This function is convenient for making an instant infusion, coffee, or soup. The dispenser can heat the water continuously or just on demand. A tap, mostly red in color, is dedicated to hot water.

To know how to buy a better value water dispenser, you should also see if it has a cooling function. So instead of simply dispensing warm water, it can be cool. This feature is convenient in hot weather and does not require the use of ice cubes. If the device has an adjustment button, this function is even better. The freshness of the water can thus be adjusted as required.

Most current devices have these hot/cold functions. They are generally large in size and require a power supply. You must then take these 2 parameters into account in your choice.

The practical functions

Water dispensers often have useful features. Safety is particularly emphasized especially for hot water models. If you know where to buy a new water dispenser, make sure it includes at least one child protection system. Usually, this is a tap lock. It can be directly above or placed elsewhere on the device.

Sometimes it is in the form of a switch or a button. Thus, children are protected from burns. Another safety system is the overfill prevention device. It is fitted to most top-loading dispensers. It prevents a damaged bottle from flooding your home.

Among the functions that can be of interest on a water dispenser, there is the temperature adjustment. The most efficient device will have several levels. You can adjust the heat or the freshness of the water to your liking. On some models, a keep-warm function is available. It allows you to have hot water instantly.

Another practical aspect is the drip tray. Responsible for collecting any drops, it is preferable that it be removable. This not only facilitates its emptying but also it’s cleaning. On some models, this tray is even dishwasher safe. Still in terms of cleanliness, some devices are equipped with filters. They are thus able to retain the impurities present in the water. Some can even kill any germs.

frequently asked Questions

Q1: How to clean a water dispenser?

Before cleaning a water dispenser, the appliance must be unplugged from the outlet. The next step is to remove the water bottle. Then you have to completely empty the dispenser tank. To do this, open the tap and collect the water in a container. In order to descale the pipes and the device in general, prepare a vinegar solution.

To do this, mix well three doses of water for one dose of vinegar. With a sponge, run this solution over the bottle holder and into the reservoir. You can pour a small amount in it. Leave on for a minimum of 2 minutes and a maximum of 5 minutes before rinsing with clean water.

You will have to add water 3 to 4 times before you can completely rinse the device. Water should always be drained from the cold water tap. Instead of vinegar, you can use a mild detergent according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. To clean the drip tray, remove the drip tray and separate it from the grid if applicable. Then wash these items in soapy water or in the dishwasher. Once it’s clean, put it back.


Q2: How to disinfect a water dispenser?

To disinfect a water dispenser, you must always disconnect the wire and remove the bottle first. You can prepare your own disinfectant solution. For this you need to mix a tablespoon of bleach with about 4 L of water. Then pour this mixture into the tank and clean all surfaces.

You can wear protective gloves to perform this step. Instead of bleach, some manufacturers recommend suitable disinfectants. In all cases, a standing time not exceeding 5 min is necessary in order not to risk corrosion.

Then drain the solution through the tap. Rinse carefully with clean water until there is no more smell of disinfectant. Before replacing the bottle, clean it as well. Using a clean towel, scrub the entire top of the bottle with the disinfectant solution. You can also use alcohol.

However, it must evaporate completely before placing the bottle on the device. Throughout these steps you should have clean hands. Even if you wear gloves, that does not prevent you from washing them first.

Q3: How to fix a leaky water dispenser?

When a water dispenser leaks, several problems can be the source. Usually, this is air in the pipes. It is, therefore, necessary to purge. To do this, press the lever in intervals of 5 s. Repeat this until the water flows normally. Once this step is done, let the water run into a large container. If the problem is not resolved, other solutions should be considered.

The problem could be with the nozzle seal. It must either be tightened or replaced. If so, the best course of action is to contact either the manufacturer or a repairer. A professional will be better able to identify any damage. He can also repair the device if necessary.


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