The 5 Best AXE For Splitting Wood

The ax is generally attributed to the lumberjack. However, all in all, the latter is not the only one who needs it. This tool is useful for everyone to split firewood, to clear a path, to set up a tent while camping, etc. Its choice depends, firstly, on its use. To help you find the model that’s right for you, we’ve separated 5 of the most popular models. Husqvarna 576926201 is made for all purposes, featuring a manually forged head. Fiskars 378841-1002 X27 is more intended for loggers, with its long handle.

The 5 Best AXE For Splitting Wood (Reviews & Tests) of 2021

With these tips, you are ready to find your ax. Even if you don’t have much time, take a look at the few models that we have singled out. The characteristics of each ax will allow you to choose what you need. Sometimes it is necessary to invest a little more to have a durable tool.

1. Husqvarna Traditional Multifunction Ax

The best brand of axes has an obligation to meet user expectations. This is what Husqvarna, a famous Swedish manufacturer, tried to do with this traditional model. It is a tool that can do all cutting tasks.

You can use it to cut logs in the forest and to split firewood. This ax has a Swedish steelhead, forged by hand. Its handle is hickory. The tool has everything you need to accompany you for a long time in the woods.

The 66 cm handle gives enough force to your throw. It is also an asset when it comes to transport because the ax fits easily in your bag. The head attachment is reinforced with a steel and wood wedge. It weighs less than 1 kg. This is reassuring because the blade is not likely to fly off with each throw.

Good points

  • Multifunction: This ax is suitable for chopping just about anything, it is made for splitting heavy wood and can be used in campsites.
  • Quality: The hickory handle is very robust, the Swedish steel blade can cut everything.
  • Dimensions: The weight of the head and the length of the handle are reasonable.

Negative points

  • Finish: The finish is not impeccable. It will be necessary to file, sharpen, and oil for the blade to be perfect. The handle needs more polish.
  • Blanket: The sheath is not as strong. Which can represent a danger.

2. Fiskars 378841-1002 X27 Super Splitting Ax

Fiskars has been a well-known brand since 1649. Their products are a must-have if you want to know how to choose the Best AXE For Splitting Wood of 2021. For centuries, the manufacturer’s know-how has been passed down from generation to generation. This model has a 91.4 cm handle, which is more suitable for a person who has the same arm length. Black and orange colors give this tool a slim design.

The head has an unusual geometric shape. The sharp, pointed blade is made to slide, leaving no trace of cut wood. This ax doesn’t even weigh 500g. Which facilitates its launch. This lightweight does not reduce the striking force.

With a single blow, the logs burst. This is what characterizes Fiskars axes. This tool can be used to split the wood of any size. It will also serve as a camping ax.

Good points

  • Design: It is a light model and a refined design. The modern shape of the blade contributes to its efficiency.
  • Design: This model was designed by a manufacturer known in the field for centuries.
  • Use: This ax is easy to handle. With just one blow, you can split the wood.

Negative points

  • Cut: 92.4cm length is suitable for a tall person. If this is not your case, you will have to learn to get used to it, or choose a shorter model.
  • Shavings: Some users have noticed that shavings get into the ax.

3. Cold Steel Trail Boss Hickory Handle

This Cold Steel Trail Boss model is part of the range accessible to all. This is a great option for anyone looking for how to buy a better value ax. Its length of 68.6 cm is combined with a total weight of 900 g. A result is a tool capable of removing brush and clearing land to establish a camp.

With this ax, you can chop your firewood and do small construction jobs. A small tree can also be felled, using this model.

This tool has been made with durable materials. The handle is made of American hickory, known for its strength, with a lightly varnished finish. The forged 1055 carbon steel head was designed in the European style, with a blade, 10.2 cm long. This ax is made to last, as long as you don’t leave it at the mercy of rust.

Good points

  • Robust: This ax consists of a handle made with American hickory, and a head made of forged 1055 carbon steel.
  • Compact: The length of 68.6 cm corresponds to the total weight of the ax. In addition, it is easy to transport.
  • Cheaper: The price is reasonable for this durable ax, compared to other models.

Negative points

  • Gross: It is a rough tool that needs to be filed and polished at the level of the blade. You also have to think about sharpening it.
  • Efficiency: Don’t be too demanding when trying to cut heavy wood with this tool.

4. Columbia River Knife and Woods Nobo Tomahawk Tool

If you need a cheap outdoor ax, this Columbia River tomahawk would be right for you. This is a design by Ryan Johnson of RMJ Tactical. This ax is distinguished by its lightweight. Moreover, it is easy to handle. It is the most suitable model for camping use.

It is also portable and its use will not tire your arms. You can accumulate a pile of firewood without realizing it. This hatchet has a heat-treated 1055 carbon steel blade. Its right handle is Tennessee hickory. These materials guarantee the durability of this tool.

The blade has a precise curve, which does not hesitate to sink into the wood with each ax. The head has a stable balance that doesn’t allow you to miss any targets. This tool does the job of a knife. It can serve as a knife to accompany you on your hikes.

Good points

  • Weight: The tool is very light. It is a camping ax, intended mainly for outdoor activities.
  • Solid: It is a sturdy ax, consisting of a Tennessee hickory handle, and a forged 1055 carbon steel blade.
  • Stable: The ax is stable throughout its structure.

Negative points

  • Handle: Some users find that the handle is too long and makes it difficult to transport. For others, it’s too smooth.
  • Assembly: The handle is not made for the head, which does not help the attachment of the two components. At any time, the head may come off.

5. Nupla 06205 Picket head ax

If you haven’t yet figured out what the best ax on the market is, depending on your needs, you’ll appreciate this Nupla model. It is a massive ax, consisting of a 71.1 cm handle and a 2.7 kg stake head. The set represents a total weight of 3.36 kg. The handle is made of hickory, a strong wood, intended to support the weight of the head.

It is a fire ax, a tool reserved for interventions during a fire. The head has a face shaped like a normal ax. The other side is sharp and sharp. You can use it for the usual tasks that require this tool. It will be used to cut firewood, remove brush, split logs, etc.

The tip will come in handy in the event of a fire, or when there are situations where you need to destroy some facility. With this tool, you can break down doors, break windows, etc.

Good points

  • Fire ax: Thanks to its stake head, it is an ax for special interventions such as a fire.
  • Robust: This model is made with robust materials, foolproof.
  • Dimensions: The weight of the head guarantees its power. The length of the handle is adapted to facilitate casting.

Negative points

  • Handle: The handle is not suitable for the weight of the head, which weighs 2.7 kg on its own. Moreover, its fixing was not done properly.
  • Head: The blade is not sharp enough. Even the pointed end needs to be sharpened and filed.

Buying Guide – How To Choose A Good Ax?

Certain criteria must be met if you want to acquire the ax you need. The material is important, whether for the head or the handle. Weight also affects the efficiency of your tool. You’ll find everything there is to know in this buying guide for the Best AXE For Splitting Wood.

The strength and length of the handle

The durability of an ax depends on the materials used in its manufacture. It is a sharp tool, which must be handled with care, and know-how, to avoid all kinds of accidents. You have to be aware of this before looking for where to buy the best ax.

The handle must be solid, to support the weight of the head and to resist the throw during use. Most models have a wooden handle, but not just any. The most common are ash and hickory. These are woods strong enough to hold up. Make sure the handle doesn’t slip. There are models that have a reinforced plastic handle.

Loggers everywhere, including Canada, prefer long-handled axes. This allows them to cut large logs more efficiently. All the same, we must admit that they have the habit and the regularity of their work. If this is not your case, choose a shorter handle. Normally, the handle of your ax should be the same length as your arm.


The efficiency of the head

The head needs to be sharp, but strong, to do the job without leaving its own pieces. The most powerful of these tools is one that cuts quickly and well for a long time. Usually, the head of an ax is made of wrought iron. Other models are in hardened steel. These are the two most used and strongest materials. The choice is yours, whichever suits you.

There are axes equipped with a double-edged head. Both sides can be the same size. So you can alternate them so that they last even longer. They may be of different dimensions. Each side will therefore be used, depending on the wood to be cut. The most common is to have a hammer, opposite the blade. This gives you two different tools in your hand.

The importance of weight

Another important factor in choosing the best ax is the weight. It should match your arm strength and height. If you use an ax that is too heavy for you, its weight will pull you forward, without you realizing what you need to do. If the tool is too light and you put all your strength into it, it will break.

A suitable ax is proportional to your size and also to the quality of the wood to be split. Models for professional use can weigh up to more than 2 kg. This is what lumberjacks use most often. The hardwood splitting ax is usually equipped with a 1.7 kg head. For lighter wood, like what you need for your fireplace, a 1.2kg ax can do the trick.

Choose according to the intended use

What you are going to do with it can help you decide which ax to choose. If you want an ax, just for clearing land, while camping, a lighter model with a hammerhead would work for you. You can cut herbs and kindling to make a fire. The hammer will be used to set up the tents.

If you are a professional looking for where to buy a new ax, choose the one that fits your craft. It is possible to get the head and the handle separately. You just need to make sure you have the correct dimensions, especially for the handle. Fixation is also important to prevent the head from being thrown elsewhere and hurting someone.

Comfort and accessories

Some sleeves are covered with a non-slip coating. It is sure that the tool will not slip out of your hands, even if you are sweating. This is one of the details to notice when you consult a price comparison. There are manufacturers who have designed sheaths to protect the ax blade and prevent it from hurting in the process. Seek to get some, if you don’t have a specific bag to keep your tools. Also consider the accessories you need to file, clean, and remove rust from your ax.

There will come a time when your ax will need to be sharpened. There is a special stone for this. Your tool will remain operational if it is still as sharp as at the beginning of its use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How to make an ax handle?

The handle is used to support the head to launch the strikes during a cutting job. It must therefore be proportional to the head. Its length depends on how you are going to use the ax. The material should be strong enough, whether it is wood or plastic. In comparison, you will always see information regarding the dimensions, weight, and material of the manufacture of the handle. In general, wood is used the most, provided it meets the necessary conditions.

It is a resistant wood that can be used as a handle. Professionals prefer hickory, known for its durability, but it costs more because it is an imported wood. Ash, maple, acacia, and oak can, among others, also be used. The wood must be very dry before being worked. Choose a straight piece, without any knots. Measure the length, according to the length of your arms and the weight of the ax head. The finished thickness will be proportional to the hole in the head.

Depending on the ax you want, draw the handle first. The latter will be straight or slightly curved. Think about hand comfort, drawing an ergonomic grip. Use a saw for the cut. Then round off the corners, removing excess parts. Transform your piece of wood by polishing it and removing any rough edges. Do not lose sight of the diameter of the hole and do not hesitate to introduce the end of the handle, to see if it is in point. The surface should be smooth. You have the right to varnish the wood. This will make it more presentable and even more resistant.

Q2: How to change an ax handle?

To change an ax handle, you must first remove the old one. To do this, cut it, up to the intersection with the head. Then, with a sharp tool, remove the piece that remained in the head. If you decided to change the handle, it’s because you have a reason to do so. You will have to compare the old handle with the new one you want to put in its place. If the handle was broken, it certainly did not support the weight of the ax head. You should therefore remedy this by choosing a stronger or longer wood.

Once you have finished making the handle, all you have to do is attach it to the ax head. If you don’t have the patience or the inclination to make a handle, you can buy it. It will just need to match your ax and solve your problem.

Q3: How to sharpen an ax?

It is perfectly normal to sharpen an ax. Sometimes even, before using it, you have to work it so that the blade is very sharp. The first thing to do is to mark the part to be treated with a felt-tip pen. There is a special stone for sharpening axes or other tools. Rub the blade with this stone, pressing from the inside to the edge. Follow the tracing that you made. Once the strokes are gone, you’re done. Check if the ax cuts the way you want it to.

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