The 5 Best Coconut Oil for Pregnancy Of 2021

Coconut oil is highly sought after, because of its many virtues. While some people prefer it in cosmetics, others have adopted it for cooking. The quality of this vegetable oil is not the same for all models. Each product has its peculiarities. It is therefore important to choose the right oil, depending on the intended use. Viva Naturals Organic Virgin is a cold pressed product, and unrefined, it is rich in MCTs. Island Fresh extra virgin is 100% natural, and suitable for the preparation of several dishes.

The 5 Best Coconut Oil for Pregnancy (Reviews & Tests) of 2021

A comparison is necessary, so that you can choose your coconut oil. Knowing the characteristics of each model will help you. You may discover other properties that you did not suspect. You will understand that you do not have to expand your budget to obtain a satisfactory product.

1. Viva Naturals Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

This Viva Naturals product is pure, extra virgin coconut oil that contains all the nutrients you can find in coconuts. This oil has been cold pressed, and it has not undergone any refining.

MCTs are perfectly preserved. It is a substance intended to nourish the hair, giving it strength and shine. The oil also retained the familiar aroma of coconut. Its soft texture is made to deeply hydrate and rejuvenate the skin.

This is an interesting model, if you want to find out how to choose the Best Coconut Oil for Pregnancy 2021. This product is edible. Besides, it improves metabolism, by burning fat.

It is suitable for a diet for weight loss. It is also used for its antifungal properties. This coconut oil is presented in a jar, containing 906 g of product. You have enough quantity for long use.

Good points

  • Natural: It is natural coconut oil, produced in a way that retains all the beneficial elements.
  • Multifunction: This product is suitable for the maintenance of hair and skin. It is used as cooking oil for those who want to lose weight. It helps to fight against fungi.
  • Organic: It is a certified organic oil, gluten-free and GMO-free. Moreover, it is a product of a great brand.

Negative points

  • Price: The only downside of this oil is the price which is a bit high, compared to other products. Still, the quality and quantity are worth it.

2. Island Fresh Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

If you need a coconut oil for hair, this one could make you happy. You can use it as a mask, to intensely nourish your mane. It is more effective in an oil bath. Regular use ensures shiny, healthy hair.

It is also the oil you need, for all kinds of dishes. Whether for stews, smoothies, or fries, it fills you with an exquisite aroma, and delicious taste.

This oil has been cold pressed, so that it retains all the nutrients for the skin of the face, hair, and the whole body. This is a certified organic product, which deserves special attention, if you are looking for the best coconut oil, for multiple uses. It is a purely natural product, and unrefined, which does not contain GMOs. It is sold in a box, which contains 1.53 kg of oil.

Good points

  • Pure: This organic product is completely natural. Its manufacture has made it retain all the nutrients of a good coconut oil.
  • Use: It is a quality coconut oil, to have healthy and strong hair, a rejuvenated complexion, and a well hydrated body. It is also perfect for the preparation of many dishes requiring oil.
  • Safe product: This oil does not have GMOs among its components. Besides, it has a natural smell, and a refined taste.

Negative points

  • Noncompliance: Some people have received a product that is nearly expired. Others did not have the proper packaging.

3. Majectic Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil

Fractionated coconut oil stands out for its liquid character. Indeed, it does not solidify with the cold. It is composed only of the medium chains of triglycerides of coconut oil.

This Majestic Pure product is 100% natural. It has no odor, and leaves no oily marks on the skin. Its high penetration capacity makes it suitable for massage. This coconut oil softens the skin. It is even suitable for oily skin, unlike virgin oil, which is comedogenic.

If you can’t decide which coconut oil to choose, this one will definitely appeal to you. This product mixes easily with other oils, or essential oils. It is used in the composition of toothpastes or shampoo.

It serves as a makeup remover, shaving cream, or even a deodorant. It is the ideal oil for aromatherapy. This product is packaged in a 453 g bottle.

Good points

  • Liquid: It is a coconut oil that always remains liquid. It is easy to mix it with other oils, or other products.
  • For the skin: It is considered a coconut skin oil. It moisturizes, without leaving greasy films. It is non-comedogenic, so it is suitable for oily skin. It is made for the skin of babies.
  • Care: This product is suitable for treating sunburn.

Negative points

  • Pump: The pump has not been well designed, it is leaking liquid. This causes wasted oil, and requires you to clean up the mess.

4. Nutiva Organic virgin coconut oil

It is possible to find a cheap product that perfectly meets your expectations. This Nutiva coconut oil comes from organic farming. It was cold pressed, from virgin coconuts.

This process turned it into a pure oil, with 50% lauric acid, and 63% medium chain triglycerides. It is an edible product that is suitable for all diets because it does not contain any chemical elements.

Whether you are a vegan, or a vegetarian, you can consume this oil raw or cooked. Those who can’t stand gluten should have no fear. Regardless of the cooking method, this oil is safe.

Its organic character makes this oil a nutritious product for the hair. It deeply hydrates, to make your hair shiny. It makes your skin soft. It is an oil suitable for massage, because it is easily absorbed by the body.

Good points

  • Food: This oil fits into all your dishes. It replaces butter, and can be used in preparations requiring oil. It is suitable for everyone, even the most sensitive. In addition, it is a certified organic product.
  • Moisturizing: This product serves as a moisturizer, for the skin, and the hair. It is also made for massage.
  • Security: This oil does not change even with a high cooking temperature. It does not contain gluten or harmful elements.

Negative points

  • Hair: It is necessary to avoid putting on the roots of the hair, because this oil risks making them too oily.

5. Viva Naturals Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil

If you’re still looking for how to buy better value coconut oil, take a look at the features of this Viva Naturals product. It is an organic product, resulting from agriculture without pesticides.

It’s pure coconut oil, with no preservatives, chemicals, or added fragrances. It is considered a coconut facial oil. Which doesn’t mean that she doesn’t take care of the hair.

This fractionated coconut oil contains essential fatty acids, which maintain the elasticity of the skin, to keep it youthful. Fans of maximum hydration are served with this product.

You have the freedom to use it in beauty recipes, or to mix it with essential oils. An anti-drip pump facilitates the distribution of this oil. It does not allow waste, and leaves no leakage. It is sold in a 453 g bottle.

Good points

  • Use: It is an oil that can be used in a variety of ways, from moisturizing the skin, softening the hair, or even for DIY tasks.
  • Organic oil: This product is safe, organic, completely natural. No chemical element has been added in its composition.
  • Cheaper: This high quality oil is offered at a reasonable price.

Negative points

  • Conditioning: Some users received a leaking bottle, the pump was not positioned correctly.
  • Not edible: This product is not made for food. It is only suitable for exterior care.

Buying Guide – How To Choose The Best Coconut Oil for Pregnancy?

It would be a shame to choose any oil, while you can enjoy the benefits of a great product. This is why it is necessary to assess whether a model meets your expectations. This buying guide for the Best Coconut Oil for Pregnancy will provide you with all you need to know on the subject.

Quality according to the manufacturing method

The first criterion to consider when choosing a coconut oil is its nature and quality. It all starts in the plantation. An organic product is obtained by not using any chemical element for its growth. Pesticides are used to protect plants, but their traces persist, until the final application of the oil. Certified organic products have undergone strict controls. The manufacturers mention it on the packaging. If you are an organic fan, you should check this out before you buy.

The method of extracting the oil also has a great influence on its quality. The cold pressing allows to have a virgin coconut oil, which retains all the desired nutrients. Normally, this oil contains many vitamins, zinc, iron, and many other beneficial elements, depending on use. With heat, these elements decrease, or disappear. To compensate for this lack, some manufacturers add chemical ingredients, which have their properties, but which are not necessarily healthy. It is important to know all the components, to know which is the best coconut oil on the market.

Refining is another process, which changes the nature of coconut oil. A refined model hardly has the scent of coconut anymore. In addition, it is white in color. On the other hand, pure oil is rather translucent, and you will recognize it by its scent. These are important criteria, if you want to enjoy all the benefits of coconut oil. However, it should be understood that a quality product will necessarily have a different price, compared to others.

Choose according to the intended use

Before thinking about where to buy the best coconut oil, you’ll need to figure out what you’re going to use it for. Indeed, the use of this product is very varied, and it is in relation to this that you should choose yours. Coconut oil is applied to the hair as a nourishing treatment, whether as a mask, or in an oil bath. It softens them, and makes them shine. The lauric acid it contains has a big role to play in producing these effects. The skin also needs this substance. This is the reason why many people use coconut oil to hydrate their skin.

Due to the nutrients in this product, many use it as a cooking oil. It is known for its beneficial effects on digestion and on the immune system. Make sure the model is edible if you want to incorporate it into your food. Comparing coconut oil to another oil would be difficult, considering its virtues. It is used against cellulite and stretch marks. Its antifungal properties are no longer hidden. We must not forget that coconut oil is also very popular in massage, makeup removal, and even hair removal. Some people use it for shaving, instead of shaving cream. Others prefer it as a toothpaste.

Texture and ease of absorption

The best performing product is the one that is effective, without creating any inconvenience to the user. When choosing your coconut oil, check if it melts easily in your hands, without lumps. The texture should be smooth. This facilitates its application. You will have to make sure that it does not leave a greasy film. Imagine smearing it on your body after a bath, and your skin becoming slippery, that wouldn’t be nice to see. The oil should be absorbed through the skin, or for the hair, as the case may be. It should not be confused with coconut oil. The latter is obtained with the dried pulp of the coconut.

The reputation of the manufacturer is not to be overlooked, if you are looking for the best brand of coconut oils. Indeed, everyone has their experiences, and their own ways of taking care of their products. The conditioning must be checked. It will be necessary that the jar, or the box, allow to preserve the oil during all the time that it will last. Some models are certified gluten-free. If you are sensitive to this substance, pay attention to this little detail. There are also products for vegetarians. They do not contain any ingredient of animal origin. With all of these tips, you are able to find the right coconut oil for you.

frequently asked Questions

Q1: How to consume coconut oil?

Coconut oil is very nutritious, as long as it is edible. Before incorporating it into your dishes, first check this information in the price comparison. To consume this oil, you can use it to substitute your cooking oil, whether for frying, or for stir-frying. It is also possible to use it instead of butter, for your toast, or pastry recipes.

Q2: How to apply coconut oil to the hair? How many times per week ?

This oil is known for its softening and moisturizing properties. However, its fatty nature does not allow it to be left permanently on the hair. The best is to use it as a hair mask. Depending on how much time you have, rinse off after a one or two hour break. Its effectiveness increases if you keep your oil bath overnight. A weekly treatment is enough to make your hair more silky.

Q3: How to use coconut oil for teeth? How to make homemade coconut oil toothpaste?

Before looking for where to buy a new coconut oil, find out about the possible use of the product. If you want to take an amount for the teeth, make sure that the oil is made for that use. With liquid oil, wash your mouth in the morning before brushing your teeth. To make toothpaste, mix the oil with turmeric powder. Use this mixture, to clean your teeth.

Q4: How to keep liquid coconut oil?

Fractionated oil is always liquid, even when it’s cold in the usa. If you have this type of product, you don’t need to worry about keeping it in a liquid state. Pure extra virgin oil freezes at low temperature. If you want to keep it liquid, you will need to keep it in a warm place.

Q5: How to replace coconut oil?

Due to its multiple virtues, it is difficult to replace coconut oil. However, if you are really short of products, you can choose other oils, depending on the intended use. If you want face oil, you have to think about your skin type. It will also be necessary to test the product, before adopting it. The advantage of coconut oil is its ability to adapt to multiple uses.

Q6: How to use coconut oil in cooking?

You can use coconut oil for your fried foods. To do this, pour the sufficient quantity into a frying pan or a sauté pan. Heat the oil, and add the food to be fried. When you see that these are cooked, and well browned, remove them. For a vegetable stir-fry, put a dab of coconut oil in the pan. Incorporate the vegetables, and cook over low heat.

Q7: How to use coconut oil for weight loss?

Coconut oil helps improve metabolism and burn bad fats better. Consumed raw, it retains all its virtues. It can be used in massage, to reinforce its effectiveness.

Q8: How to make coconut oil liquid?

If you need a small amount, warm the oil paste in your hands, rubbing vigorously. If you want to make an entire vial liquid, use a water bath. Heat the water in a saucepan, and put the can of oil in it.

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