The 5 Best Easels For Painting Of 2021

The creation of a work requires the use of appropriate tools. The easel is thus inseparable from the painting. It can be used to create a canvas but also to display it. As each painter has his favorite technique, the easel must also meet his expectations. There are indeed different types. For example, Mont Marte MEA0043 is a very compact model. Not cumbersome, it can nevertheless accommodate large canvases. There is also the Crayola 04-0479 . It is an extremely versatile piece of equipment useful for developing the creativity of the little ones.

The 5 Best Easels For Painting (Reviews & Tests) of 2021

Knowing the essential characteristics of the ideal easel is a good start. To know how to choose the best easels for painting of 2021, based on examples is also useful. So, here is a selection of the best in Canada. There is something for every taste.

1-Mont Marte Wooden floor easel

For a workshop where space is at a premium, this wooden easel is the right equipment. On the ground, it only occupies an area of ​​43.5 x 44 cm. Made of beech, it has specific features that make it interesting on any price comparison. One of its strengths is the height adjustment. You can thus paint standing or sitting according to your preferences.

You can slide the canvas support bar between 53 and 96 cm from the ground. As for the upper edge, it can slide up to 90 cm above this lower edge. Thus, this value is therefore the maximum canvas size that this easel can accommodate.

This equipment will also make you look for where to buy the best easels for painting. Note that it is equipped with a 35.5 x 24 x 7 cm drawer for your art materials. The top also serves as a shelf.

  • Compact:This easel takes up very little space in a room. It can nevertheless be used to paint fairly large canvases.
  • Good adjustment range:The height adjustment of the support allows you to be comfortable sitting as well as standing. It also allows you to paint pictures of different sizes.
  • Easy assembly:Despite instructions not always very clear, the assembly of this easel is not complicated.
  • A little low:Some artists regret that the minimum height of this easel is very low. Even seated, you have to bend down to access the drawer.

2-Crayola Wooden Easel for Kids Erasable Board

In order to develop the creative spirit of toddlers, there are many tips for painting or drawing. This children’s easel is the right equipment for that. Designed by Crayola, this is a double-sided model. One is a classic blackboard. The other side is a magnetic whiteboard.

At the top of this easel is a roll of paper. You can roll it out on the whiteboard. It is held by bars while your child paints. Under these supports is a tray. Budding artists can put their equipment there.

In addition, 3 cans of paint are inserted there. With this easel, you have 3 pieces of equipment for the price of one. It is therefore cheaper to you. In addition, the wooden structure is easily adjustable. So your children can enjoy it as they grow up. This model can reach a maximum height of 42 ”.

  • Child-friendly format:The size of this easel is perfect for children. Plus, the height of the feet can be adjusted to follow the growth of toddlers.
  • Versatile material:3-in-1 easel, this equipment is complete enough to keep at least 2 children occupied for a long time. Chalk, felt or paint, anything can be used.
  • Convenient:The paper roll is very useful, especially when children get bored of the blackboard. Paint cans are also handy.
  • Lack of accessories:Almost no accessories are supplied with this easel. There is no sponge or felt.

3- Vencer Sturdy and adjustable table easel

When looking for where to buy a new paint easel, think carefully about the space you have. If this place is too small, then choose this table easel. It is made by Vencer. This model is made of beech wood with a lacquered finish.

As for its structure, this easel has a light but sturdy H-frame. Compact, it has a width of 12 ” and a depth of 14 ”. As for the height, it is adjustable. It goes from 16 to 25 ”. To adjust it, you just have to use the wing nut at the back. Then slide the vertical bar to the desired position.

The inclination is also adjustable. If you have to compare the mechanics of different models, you will find that they are quite often similar. This is a cross bar that must be moved on notches. Completely folded, this material is easily transportable.

  • Easy to manipulate:Adjusting the tilt angle of this easel is almost childish. To adjust the support arm of the canvas, there is nothing complicated either.
  • Reduced dimensions:This table easel has a perfectly adapted size so as not to be bulky while being able to accommodate relatively large canvases.
  • Solid structure:The wood from which this material is made makes it solid. In addition, the H-frame reinforces the structure of the whole easel.
  • Finishes:The wood of this easel is quite raw. The frame is sometimes rough and misaligned.

4- Livingbasics Portable wooden easel with drawer

This LIVINGbasics equipment is the perfect definition of how to buy a better value painting easel. This is a French type model. Therefore, it is designed to be operated outdoors. Everything is foldable to give a transportable case measuring 41 x 56 x 16 cm. This is equipped with a handle.

Once it’s deployed, you have fully modular support. The 3 legs can be adjusted to suit any terrain. On the easel you can put different sizes of paintings. The panel is also tiltable. This easel model has a compartmentalized drawer. It can hold your brushes, paint tubes and other pencils.

A wooden pallet is also provided. Regarding the materials, the whole structure is in beech wood. As for the closing and adjustment mechanisms, they are made of brass-plated steel for excellent resistance to various stresses.

  • Portable design:This easel is made in such a way that it is easily transportable. The feet are foldable and retractable. There is also a handle for carrying this equipment.
  • Practical material:The drawer included in this easel makes it practical. The same goes for all height adjustments.
  • Affordable price:Besides being a good material for the outdoors, this easel is not expensive. It presents beautiful finishes for work or for an exhibition.
  • Assembly instructions:Instructions for assembling this easel are confusing. It is better to do without it.

5- T-Sign Reinforced aluminum tripod artist easel

If wood isn’t your thing, or if you want to try something else, T-SIGN has this metal easel. It is a tripod made of aluminum alloy. It is therefore both robust and light. It weighs only 1.4 kg. With this equipment you get a glimpse of which is the best paint easel on the market.

It is designed to adapt to the outdoor environment with its rugged terrain. It comes with a carrying bag. The 3 feet are adjustable and simply lock with a clip. The vertical bar also closes in the same way.

When assembled, this easel can simply be placed on a table. In this case, it is 21 ” tall and has an 18 ” spread. Fully deployed, it measures up to 66 ” high by 43 ” wide. This easel can carry a frame with a height of 33 ”.

  • Extremely light:It is possible to take this easel absolutely everywhere. Its light weight is complemented by a small footprint as well as a practical carrying bag.
  • Versatile equipment:This material can be used as a table easel. It can also be a campaign easel. It also lends itself well to exhibitions or as a whiteboard stand.
  • Solid:The aluminum that makes up the structure of this easel gives it good resistance. It is thus able to support a good weight.
  • Size of tables:Some users would prefer to be able to put canvases over 33 ” on this easel.

Buying Guide – How To Choose A Good Painting Easel?

The artist that you need the right material to express yourself. Choosing the most suitable easel is not always easy, however. This buying guide for the best easels for painting comes in then. It gives you some essential criteria that can narrow down the possibilities. Consider them in your search for that rare gem.


The location and also how you use it already determine which painting easel to choose. Indeed, the type of material will be different if you work in a workshop or in the open air for example. In the first case, preferentially opt for a large size material. There are 2 main types to choose from. First, there is the workshop easel in H.

The base is shaped like this letter and it is quite extensive. This provides great stability to the material. On the other hand, it is bulky. The casters with which it is frequently equipped facilitate its movement. The second type of workshop easel is the tripod. Here too, the height and inclination of the canvas can be adjusted.

If you prefer to paint outdoors, the best easels for painting for you is the country easel. It is light and foldable. In addition, the height of the feet is adjustable. Thus, it adapts even to uneven ground. The box or box easel is, as its name suggests, equipped with a compartment to store its equipment. It is convenient because the support can be horizontal or tilted as needed. The downside of this equipment is that it can only accommodate small canvases.

There are also table easels. Small in size, they are simply placed on a table or any other stable support. They are convenient for tight spaces or a frequent change of place.

The materials

Easels are historically made from wood. This material is still the best performing both in terms of strength and aesthetics. Several species are used for this type of equipment. Pine and elm offer a good strength / lightness ratio. These species are also interesting from a price point of view. They are generally entry-level products.

Beech represents the top range. Most of the time, it receives an oiled or varnished finish. Oak is used for high end easels. It can be used to make large models. Weight and cost can be factors of hesitation. However, the strength and durability but also the elegance are worth the investment. The solid wood of these easels is mainly assembled by metal parts such as rivets or brass bolts.

On a comparison , you will see that wood is not the only material used for the design of easels. There are also metal ones. They are less common but still have good characteristics. So choose aluminum for its lightness and resistance to corrosion.

For a country easel, this is a great alternative. For increased strength, it is better to opt for steel. Such an easel will obviously be heavier. You can also find brass models but they are very rare. Plastic can also be used to make an easel. However, it is much less warm than wood.

The practical aspect

Various elements can make an easel practical. From the best brand of painting easels to the most basic, the height of the horizontal canvas support can be adjusted. However, while some models use wing nuts, others are provided with a crank for adjustment. The amplitude of the adjustment also defines the size of the canvases that can be placed on it. The degree of inclination is also a parameter to take into account.

Other than that, it’s nice to have all of your gear handy. Many H-shaped workshop easels are equipped with drawers. It can be unique but there are also models including several drawers. Otherwise, this trunk can also be compartmentalized. When choosing your easel, check the depth and height of that drawer. It should be able to contain the bare minimum. Box easels also called French are by nature equipped for this.

For large equipment, it is better to buy a model with wheels. Thus, you can easily move your work, with your easel, to have better lighting for example. However, this should not come at the expense of stability. For outdoor projects, folding easels are excellent allies. Telescopic legs are a must.

frequently asked Questions

Q1: How to mount a painting easel?

The assembly of a painting easel depends largely on the type but also on the model of it. In any case, it is always better to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. Otherwise, rely on common sense. Usually assembly begins with the arrow. It is fixed by means of a long nut to the rear foot. Then, it must be fixed on the cross members of the 2 front feet. Use the screws supplied by the manufacturer. Their location is indicated by pre-holes.

The next step is to put the horizontal bar or shelf. For this, wing nuts are required. Place this element between the 2 cross members. Insert the bolts then tighten as needed. The assembly ends with the claw or the shoe. It too is put in place by means of wing nuts. These allow you to adjust the height of the canvas. This sliding element is placed at the top of the easel.

Q2: How to make a painting easel?

To make a painting easel, you need several wooden stakes and the appropriate tools. These are saws, screws, bolts and other carpentry materials. The work begins with a detailed diagram of the structure. The front side is done first. To do this, fix a central batten on 2 crossbeams. Then glue or screw the 2 feet at an angle defined by their distance from the middle cleat.

The production continues with the 3 rd leg with a hinge. This is fixed to the upper cross member. 2 rods stall this 3 rd foot. They are connected to the boom by a long bolt. The inclination can thus be adjusted.

Then assemble the canvas support and the top pull-out. They must have 2 cleats each in the back and be spaced a little more than the width of the arrow. 2 wing bolts fix these elements to the back and allow them to slide. The production ends with careful sanding.

Q3: How to adjust a painting easel?

Depending on the painter and his technique, the easel will be adjusted differently. The inclination is the first parameter to take into account. For watercolors, the painting should be almost horizontal, as the paint may run off. The angle should be as small as possible. For portraits, on the other hand, the angle is almost right. This helps prevent distortions due to poor perspective.

This inclination also depends on the comfort of the painter. Light also plays a role in adjusting an easel. Its incidence increases or decreases the reflections. Regarding the height of the painting, it must always be at the level of the painter’s gaze.

When he paints the bottom of the canvas, he must therefore raise it so that it does not undergo deformation. The artist is, at the same time, more comfortable for his activity. The canvas support, but also the shoe, must therefore slide upwards. To do this, unscrew the bolts and slide the element.


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