The 5 Best Jigsaws For Home Use Of 2021

The jigsaw is an essential tool for making cuts in various materials. Whether it is for a repair or the design of a new piece of furniture, you must choose your tool, taking into account certain criteria. It is not enough to keep an eye on the budget. To guide you in your research, we have identified the most used models. Bosch GST 150 BCE is a powerful 780 W tool for heavy cutting jobs. Milwaukee 2737-20 M18 is a cordless tool, for cutting all types of materials, with variable speed.

The 5 Best Jigsaws For Home Use (Reviews & Tests) of 2021

Having already in mind the type of material you need, you will no longer waste your time searching through the panoply of existing models. In this comparison, you will be able to recognize the device adapted to your cutting jobs. You just have to pay attention to the features and functions that will be of use to you.

1.Bosch professional jigsaw GST 150 BCE

This Bosch jigsaw is characterized by a power of 780 W. It is equipped with a large motor, which withstands overloads and is made for tough cutting jobs. The accompanying sole is strong for sawing hard materials.

This tool operates on a current of 230 V, using a European type C socket. You will therefore need to provide a transformer, if you plan to work on a current of 110 V. This equipment will not disappoint you, if you are looking for the best brand of jigsaws.

The blade has been tightened to be changed, without using any tools. The grip of the saw is facilitated by a softgrip system. This material has a 4-step pendulum, which allows you to define the cutting style. The speed is consistent, even on thick materials. The Click & Clean system immediately dissipates dust.

Good points

  • Power: The power of the motor allows for large cuts, even on the thickest materials. In addition, the configured speed is maintained throughout the work.
  • Cutting: The pendulum allows you to make 4 different cuts. Just adjust the steps.
  • Clean: This jigsaw features a system that automatically collects dust in a bag designed for this purpose, to provide you with a clean workspace and to protect your health.
Negative points
  • Settings: Adjustments must be made, depending on the material, speed and cut, before starting the machine.
  • Current: The connection must be made according to the available current.

2. Milwaukee 2737-20 M18 Fuel Jigsaw 

This Milwaukee M18 Fuel model features a Powerstate brushless motor, powerful enough to cut even metals. The D-handle makes it easy to handle. The speed is adjustable from 0 to 3,500 strokes per minute, depending on the desired pace, to provide precise lines. This allows you to have full control of the machine, regardless of the material you are cutting.

By the way, to find out which is the Best Jigsaws For Home Use on the market, take the time to examine this tool. This machine is equipped with an M18 Redlithium XC5.0 battery, with enough autonomy to achieve 105 m of cut. This saves you having to interrupt work to recharge.

The bevel can be adjusted in 4 different positions. An integrated LED light illuminates the workspace, for a precise cutting line, even in low light. An extraction system removes the dust and immediately dumps it into a special cover.

Good points

  • Materials: This tool cuts all types of materials. In addition, it is possible to adjust the bevel, depending on the degree of cut you need.
  • Autonomy: The battery has enough charges to achieve a large volume of work.
  • Convenience: This cordless model has a D-grip, for easy handling. LED light allows for more cutting precision. Dust extraction provides a clean space. The saw is easy to move.

Negative points

  • Wireless: Wireless equipment always has a limit, even if the battery charge lasts.

3. Makita DJV180Z Cordless jigsaw

This Makita jigsaw is a cordless model, with a power of 300W. It works with an 18 V Lithium-ion battery. It is a light device, easy to carry and to handle. You can lift it effortlessly to get the job done.

Besides, he is able to saw all materials. It is the cutting depth that varies, depending on the material. It cuts wood up to 8 cm thick. The maximum depth is 7.6 cm for aluminum, and 9.5 mm for steel.

This device deserves your attention, if you are wondering how to buy a better value for money jigsaw. It has a variable speed, from 0 to 2600 strokes per minute. A two-finger switch allows adjustment. Its ergonomic handle facilitates handling. In addition, it is made of rubber. This gives it flexibility that will not make you feel the vibrations. An LED light illuminates the line to be cut.

Good points
  • Compact: It is a compact, lightweight, and cordless device that is easy to use. A rubber handle is intended for the grip and to dampen vibrations.
  • Adjustable: The speed can be adapted to the work to be done. Just press the two finger button. The tool allows you to perform 3 different styles of cutting.
  • Efficient: This 300W tool is made for cutting all kinds of materials. It is a durable model, worthy of a great brand.

Negative points

  • Drums: The battery is sold separately. Which forces you to dedicate another budget for it.

4. DeWalt DCS331B 20V Li-Ion Jigsaw

The Best Jigsaws For Home Use is part of the range of a recognized brand. Indeed, the quality of DeWalt tools is well established. This model is powered by a 20 V Lithium-ion battery.

With this tool, you can perform 4 types of cuts, thanks to a bevel, adjustable to 0 °, 15 °, 30 °, and 45 °. The blade can be changed easily, without the need for a key. The cutting speed varies from 0 to 3000 strokes per minute, depending on the material to be cut.

This Dewalt jigsaw is equipped with a non-slip handle, which allows easy and comfortable handling. There is no risk of dropping the device while it is in use. The dust blower cleans the workspace to provide you with crisp lines. This equipment is delivered with 2 spare blades. It is also compatible with T-shank blades. It is a durable tool with a 3 year manufacturer warranty.

Good points

  • Cutouts: This saw allows for different styles of cuts. Plus, it can be used on wood, plastic, and even metal.
  • Adjustable: The tool adapts to use. You can adjust the speed and bevel to get the cut you need.
  • Comfort: The handle allows you to hold the saw well. The anti-slip system is very practical.

Negative points

  • Food: The battery must be purchased separately, as well as the charger. You will therefore have to think about integrating their cost into your budget.
  • Blower: The blower is not that efficient at clearing the chips.

5.Black + Decker BDEJS600C Smart Select 5 A Jigsaw

A cheap model can deliver results that are second to none. Moreover, Black + Decker has more than a century of experience in the design of this type of tool. This orbital model is equipped with CurveControl technology. Indeed, the orbit is adjustable in 4 different positions, to obtain a specific cut.

The 5 amp motor has a variable speed that can reach up to 3000 strokes per minute. It is possible to make a 45 ° cut, in both directions, thanks to a configurable bevel.

This Black and Decker jigsaw has a metal protection to have a straight cutting line. It is a wired model which connects to a current of 120 V. The blade is easy to change, through a clamp. You don’t need any other tool for this. The device is compatible with U or T blades.

Good points

  • Customization: This tool allows you to perform custom jobs. You have the freedom to choose the cutout that suits you, thanks to the adjustable orbit. The speed can be changed.
  • Precision: The metal rail allows great precision, as the blade cannot deviate from the line.
  • Sustainable: This electric saw is built to last. Moreover, it is suitable for all materials.

Negative points

  • Button: The ignition button is too close to the handle. Care should be taken not to inadvertently press it.
  • Blade: You need to get the right blades for each type of material.

Buying Guide – How To Choose The Best Jigsaws For Home Use?

Apart from the characteristics of the device, it is necessary to consider the work to be done, as well as the materials to be cut. This is to avoid acquiring a tool that will not be useful to you. We tell you everything you need to know, in this buying guide for the Best Jigsaws For Home Use.


The first thing you should think about is how to feed the jigsaw. Indeed, according to this criterion, there are several types of tools. The price may vary, depending on the model. While making your choice, you will have to consider the use you intend to make of the device. The most efficient is the pneumatic model. It is especially intended for professionals, as it is made for heavy cutting jobs. The only downside is the price that exceeds that of other equipment.

The corded electric jigsaw has a lot of advantages. Most of these models have variable horsepower. So you have the option of using the tool for various tasks. This equipment also allows the cutting speed to be changed. With this kind of jumpers, you work without interruption, as long as there is current. However, before buying, it will be necessary to think about your energy expenditure, if you intend to use the device intensively. Cable length may limit usage.

There is the cordless electric model, which works with a rechargeable battery. With this tool, you can move the device anywhere you want to cut everything, depending on its capacity. The battery has a limit, however, in terms of autonomy. You should wait for it to recharge before resuming work. Check the charging time, when you consult a price comparison. It is also necessary to make sure that the battery can be replaced, when it is defective. Otherwise, you will be forced to acquire a new tool.

Maneuverability and depth of cut

Design isn’t really a big deal, but a few details can make the difference in using a jigsaw. The existence of a handle facilitates handling. This allows an easy grip to direct the tool, for more precise cuts. A light device is easier to handle than a heavy model. Compact equipment can reach corners beyond the reach of other tools. Before looking for where to buy the Best Jigsaws For Home Use, you need to think about all of these details.

The location of the buttons has an influence on the use of the device. If the controls are too close to the handle, you may press them without realizing it. You can then suddenly change the functionality, which can cause unwanted cutouts. A safety button would however be welcome to avoid incidents of manipulation of the device.

Another criterion that can help you decide which jigsaw to choose is the depth of cut. It determines the thickness of the object to be cut. Choose the device, depending on the work you intend to do. Moreover, the supported materials differ, depending on the model. Some tools only cut wood and plastic. Others are able to saw metal, such as aluminum and steel. There are jigsaws that can cut ceramics.

Power and speed variator

A jigsaw has a power of 300 W to 800 W. For occasional use, or for cutting a small area, you don’t need to invest in too powerful a tool. It is essential to compare existing models. Equipment from 300 W to 400 W is sufficient. For a large cutting volume, opt for a device from 500 W to 600 W. If you are a professional, a jigsaw from 750 W to 800 W meets your expectations. Plan a significant budget, because the price can surprise you.

The presence of a variable speed drive is a great asset for a jigsaw. To have more control over the device, you should adapt the speed to the type of cutting. So you can cut any material with precision. Some models are equipped with an automatic dimmer. Depending on the material, or its hardness, the machine adapts.

The other functionalities

When you are looking for how to choose the Best Jigsaws For Home Use of 2021, you will find that some models come with a system to vacuum up dust. The way the blade is attached affects the speed and strength of the saw.

Moreover, the material with which the blade was made defines its durability, and its use. The pendulum motion allows a jigsaw to make cuts on curved lines. If you need this functionality, prefer a model that has it. Do not lose sight of your budget, in your choice.

frequently asked Questions

Q1: How to use a jigsaw?

Before using a jigsaw, you should know all of its features. The models sold in Canada are very varied. You should therefore not mix up the available options. If you have chosen a wired electrical device, make sure that your current is compatible with the capacity of the machine. For a cordless model, ask about battery life, so you can plan your jobs.

It is also important to know what materials are supported by the saw. If you want to cut metal, check if the tool is capable of doing it. The cutting depth can help you define the allowable thickness. Learn how to set the cutting speed and style, depending on the device. Normally, each tool is equipped with a button to turn it on. Mark its position to avoid touching it when it is not necessary.

Q2: How to cut plexiglass with a jigsaw?

Even cheaper equipment can cut any material. However, before you cut plexiglass with a jigsaw, check to see if the tool you have is right for the job. Once you are sure the material is supported, check if the blade is suitable. Indeed, the blade must correspond to the material to be cut. Remember to adjust the speed of the saw.

It is always advisable to draw the lines, according to the shapes you want to obtain. This allows you to avoid wasted materials. To make the actual cut, place the device with the blade aligned with the line to be cut. Turn on the tool, pressing the ignition switch. Follow the paths, pushing the saw. For curves, adjust the orbit, depending on how much the line turns.

Q3: How to cut lusterless melamine with a jigsaw?

To cut lusterless melamine, you must first acquire a tool with a blower. If you don’t have one, now is the time to find out where to buy a new jigsaw. The blower system evacuates chips and splinters during cutting work. It cleans the area where the blade must pass, to avoid mistakes.

On most devices, the blower is not automatic. You have to activate it, when you need it. So remember to do this so that the shards do not accumulate in front of the blade. So start the machine, to cut, according to the line you have already drawn. To prevent shards from entering your eyes, you will need to wear protective goggles.

Q4: How to install a blade on a jigsaw?

The advice we provide is intended to help you make better use of your device, and make the most of it, to carry out your cutting projects. To install a blade on a jigsaw, you will first need to remove the old one, if any. On most saws, it is not necessary to have a special tool to perform this task. Sometimes you just have to do it, using pliers.

It is important to verify the type of blade compatible with the saw, before installing it. Take the new blade, being careful with your fingers, and attach it to the location intended for this purpose. Tighten, according to the system of each device.

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