The 5 Best Kitchen Chairs For Families Of 2021

The kitchen is a very important room in a home. Its furnishings, and therefore its decoration, are not done lightly. The Best Kitchen Chairs For Families is thus a preponderant element in this space. Its dual functional and decorative function makes it’s choice a matter of the utmost importance. The variety of shapes, sizes, but also prices can make it difficult to buy it. An example is Dhp with the wooden seat which is made of tough materials. As for Signature Design by Ashley Trudell, robustness and style are essential.

The 5 Best Kitchen Chairs For Families (Reviews & Tests) of 2021

Among the enormous variety of references existing in the USA in terms of kitchen chairs, choosing the right one can be quite a feat. To find out how to choose the Best Kitchen Chairs For Families of 2021, here is a selection of a few models. They are worth a look. You may find yours there.

1. Dhp Fusion Set of 2 metal chairs

Like an antique revolver, this kitchen chair combines metal and wood. The metal structure is also made with an aged metal finish. You can see it on a comparison the lines of this model are clean. These chairs are bistro style. You can therefore use it both at home and for commercial use. 

They are strong enough to withstand heavy use. The frame is made of quality steel and the legs have plastic supports. This prevents your floor from being damaged. 

As for the seat, it is made of wood. This material brings a warm and comfortable side. With 14.5 ” of width and depth, the seat offers a large surface to sit on. If you are wondering which kitchen chair to choose, know that this model is stackable.

  • Solid furniture: The steel structure and the wood of the seat make these chairs robust furniture. They support a heavy load and are durable over time.
  • Multiple uses: With their particular style, these chairs can be used in a kitchen as well as in a restaurant or in any other place that requires sitting.
  • Practice: These seats are stackable. This facilitates storage and offers significant space-saving. Plastic end caps are also helpful.
  • A little heavy: These chairs are not really designed to be moved around frequently.

2. Signature Design by Ashley Trudell Dining chair

For those with a taste for luxury, you need the best brand of kitchen chairs. This model from the Trudell range corresponds to the definition of high-end. This chair indeed has a classic and stylish design. It redefines the kitchen chair with its quilted back. 

The buttons form regular and elegant diamonds. These patterns stand out well against the deep gray fabric. The backrest and seat padding provide perfect comfort. As for the structure, it is made of wood. The brackets are cut in a crowbar from solid pine. These feet are colored in a brown shade with golden undertones. 

Thus, the aesthetics of the seat are doubled with great strength. This strength is reflected in the weight of the chair which is 21 pounds. Regarding the dimensions, this model is 40.25 ” high, 19.75 ” wide, and 26 ” deep.

  • Style: The design of these kitchen chairs is a clear sign of elegance. These pieces of furniture are perfect for a luxurious dining room. The shapes and colors are responsible for this.
  • Quality materials: Whether wood or fabric, all the materials that make up this chair model are chosen with care. They provide high robustness to the furniture.
  • Comfortable: The texture of the fabric and the padding of the seat as well as that of the backrest make this seat a very comfortable piece of furniture.
  • Price:With elegance comes the higher price of this model.

3. Signature Design by Ashley Whitesburg Accent Chair Set

With a simple, classic, yet contemporary style, these chairs lend themselves well to any interior. This model also costs less than the other products in the selection. The manufacturer offers this 2-tone variant to integrate your kitchen. The frame is a creamy beige shade while the seat is a dark brown. 

The warmth of this wood and this color contrasts with the white of the structure. Regarding the design, the back of this inexpensive kitchen chair has 3 bars. This gives it the look of a fairly classic seat. Its 18 ” width provides comfortable support for the back. 

With 45.7 cm of seat height, you will feel comfortable sitting there. Combined with the other furniture in the range, this inexpensive chair displays all its charm. To assemble this model, the instructions are provided and are perfectly clear.

  • Friendly look: The 2-tone colors of this chair are easy to match with all types of decorations. The design is also classic, but nice.
  • Easy assembly: To set up this piece of furniture, it is not necessary to have a special qualification. The instructions are self-explanatory and easy to follow.
  • Comfortable: The height and the seating surface are perfectly matched. With the backrest, it gives a chair where it is good to sit.
  • Unequal level: Several users have experienced uneven heights of the chair legs. These could be assembly or manufacturing errors.

4.Roundhill Furniture Biony dining chairs

Elegance is also essential on this set of Biony model chairs. You will also see on a price comparison that their cost is not affected. Indeed, the value for money of these pieces of furniture is quite interesting. These are upholstered seats on both the backrest and the seat. So you can sit there as comfortably as possible. 

The upholstery fabric is made of linen and cotton. It is gray in color to suit any interior design. The feet are massive and are made of hardwood. They have a very deep espresso hue and contemporary trend. 

The contours of each chair are nailed down. These brass nail heads make this seat a modern kitchen chair. Robustness is ensured by a frame, also in hardwood. To assemble this furniture, the manufacturer provides instructions, tips, and parts.

  • Elegant style: The design of this chair model is perfect for a high standing interior. The nails stand out well against the gray fabric. The feet complete the picture well.
  • Robust seat: The frame, as well as the base, are of solid design. This piece of furniture is thus perfectly resistant to frequent use.
  • A little complicated assembly: It may be a bit difficult to secure the screws. There is not enough room for the screwdriver in some places.
  • Average comfort: Even if these seats are padded, some users still deplore a certain rigidity of the seat.

5. Linon Keira Pad Set of 2 folding chairs

When looking for where to buy a new kitchen chair, consider the foldable option. The Linon brand offers this model which combines style and practicality. This seat is made with a wooden frame. This one is covered in a rich and elegant espresso hue. 

The backrest is padded. The seat, too, is padded. These 2 elements have a vinyl coating. This one has the look of leather to add to the style. This wooden kitchen chair is equipped with strong folding mechanisms. It allows you to save space when not in use. 

When you clean the kitchen, too, you just have to fold it up for more freedom. Once this chair is deployed, stability is enhanced by struts in the front and back. So, if you are convinced to buy this model, know that it can support a weight of up to 250 pounds or about 113 kg.

  • Practical furniture: The fact that this chair is foldable is practical. It can thus be used as an extra or as the main chair. Its storage is also easy.
  • Nice design: The classic style of this chair is suitable for any kitchen or dining room. The wood and the imitation leather convince the users.
  • Good solidity: The structure of the chair is robust. The folding mechanisms also. All in all, this piece of furniture is therefore perfectly suited to everyday use.
  • Colors: The colors of this chair are actually much darker than the models presented by the manufacturer.

Buying Guide – How To Choose the Best Kitchen Chairs For Families?

For both visual and practical comfort, the choice of chairs in a kitchen matters a lot. As there is such great diversity, sorting it out can be difficult. This buying guide for the Best Kitchen Chairs For Families gives you some clues about the criteria to consider.

Best Kitchen Chairs For Families


To be considered good, a chair must above all be comfortable. However, its exterior appearance is the first thing you notice when entering a kitchen. The design of this piece of furniture has greatly evolved over time. The color, seat, base, and backrest vary from one model to another. All these aspects are affected by the evolution of the style. So when looking for where to buy the Best Kitchen Chairs For Families, take these details into account.

When it comes to color, the current trend is black and white. However, you can opt for bright colors to brighten up your interior. It depends on your tastes, but also on the decoration already there. It is up to you to choose whether you want to match the chairs to the table or not. It is even fashionable nowadays to place quite different models in the same room.

As for the number of feet, 4 is of course the standard value. The best performing seat, however, may have a sled base. This shape has its advantages, particularly in terms of stability and cleaning. A single foot offers more freedom of movement. It is particularly suitable for a kitchen counter.

As for the shape of the seat and that of the backrest, you also have a wide choice. There are round, square, or rectangular seats. The backrest can be high or low.

Manufacturing materials

There too, there are many alternatives. If you prefer tradition and go for vintage, then wooden furniture should suit you. You will surely find that the Best Kitchen Chairs For Families is the one with a wooden frame and a woven rattan seat. The different essences provide varied colors and different levels of resistance. Wooden chairs generally go well with all types of kitchens. They also bring a note of warmth and nature to the interior.

For a touch of modernity, there are also many metallic models on the market. They can be dyed or keep their raw color. This type of furniture generally has greater strength than wooden chairs. However, they are also heavier. In addition, they can scratch the floor if they do not have glides or if they are damaged.

Plastics offer many advantages. They define how to buy a kitchen chair that is better value for money. Indeed, they are quite light in nature. In addition, chairs made with these materials are easier to clean. They are also available in various colors. 

For an excellent compromise, several manufacturers offer products combining different materials. Most often, the feet are made of either wood or metal. As for the seat and the backrest, they are made of other materials such as polycarbonate.


A chair can have various practical aspects besides being able to sit on it. This particularly concerns storage. In a small kitchen, efficient space management is essential. So, to be sure you know which is the best kitchen chair on the market, take a close look at its practicality. Manufacturers, for example, offer stackable chairs. This way, when you are cleaning the room or to save space, you only have to put the chairs on top of each other.

Another useful point is the collapsible nature of this furniture. This type of chair also saves space. Just fold them up and put them away when not in use. They are therefore mainly used as occasional furniture, but can also be used as permanent chairs.

The presence of armrests can also be an asset on a kitchen chair. These items are especially useful for children and the elderly. When younger children are seated in this type of chair, the risk of them falling is minimized. For this use, only one of these pieces of furniture, or one per child, is sufficient. For seniors, the armrests are a precious help to be able to get up. You can compare several models with different armrest dimensions before you decide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How to clean a kitchen chair?

To clean a kitchen chair, you first need to identify the material it is made of. In the case of upholstered furniture, the first step is to dust. Vacuuming is often effective, regardless of the fabric. To remove stains, sponge them directly, avoiding rubbing. It is also possible to prepare a solution of one or two doses of water for one dose of white vinegar. Pour this mixture into a spray bottle and spray on the area to be cleaned. Leave to stand for 15 minutes before wiping off. 

Leather coverings are more delicate. Whipped egg white can do the trick. Shoe polish must then be applied to restore shine. Moisturizing or cleansing milk is also suitable, because it nourishes the leather.

In all cases, abrasives, detergents, or too many chemical products should be avoided as much as possible. They can damage your furniture. If the cover is removable, just remove the cover and put it in the washing machine. This treatment can only be done if the manufacturer has provided for it on the label.

Q2: How to cover a kitchen chair to protect it?

There are several solutions to cover a kitchen chair to protect it. The easiest is to simply place a cloth over the entire surface of the chair. Even if this solution is not often very aesthetic, it remains effective. On the market, there are covers designed for this purpose. They are available in various colors and patterns. 

The fabric is generally stretchy. It can be plastic such as Spandex or polyester. These accessories are standard size and there are several types. Some are just made for seating and others include the backrest.

Q3: How to stuff a wooden kitchen chair to make it more comfortable?

First, you have to take off the seat. If it was already padded, the different parts will serve as a template. Place the piece to be padded on the foam of the thickness you want. Then, trace the outlines on this foam and cut it to the right size. 

For a good hold, glue the seat and the foam. When these 2 parts are glued, attach a strong fabric to the foam. To do this, place the fabric in front of you then the seat with the foam facing the fabric. Fold the canvas back and secure with small nails or staples, making sure to tighten. Then spread the stuffing material, for example cotton wool, on your countertop. Fold back, counting the thickness of the foam. 

Temporarily secure this padding. When you have your upholstery fabric, place it face down on the workbench and seat with the batting on it. Take into account the thickness of the padding and add a margin for the fold on the back of the seat. Cut off the excess fabric and always secure it by tensioning it well. The corners should be the last to be put in place.

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