The 5 Best Motorcycle Helmet Under 300 Of 2021

The best motorcycle helmet under 300 is more than just a fashion accessory. This is protective gear that can literally save your life. Even if there are different kinds, their function remains the same, that is to say, to protect the head from possible shocks. Then there are models intended for specific uses. With excellent value for money, Scorpion Plan EXO-GT920 is a safe accessory. Good workmanship, the hull is strong and light. For optimal comfort, the full Bell Qualifier model is ideal. It fits perfectly to the head.

The 5 Best Motorcycle Helmet Under 300 (Reviews & Tests) of 2021

The choice of a helmet is extremely personal. However, certain features must be found on all models. Protection and comfort are part of it. To make sure you know how to choose the best motorcycle helmet under 300 of 2021, here are a few examples. These are great models to consider.

1-Scorpion Plan EXO-GT920 Modular full face helmet

The EXO-GT920 model from the Scorpion brand is a modular motorcycle helmet. It perfectly defines how to buy a better value motorcycle helmet. Its shell is made of high-quality polycarbonate. This material is both light and resistant.

This helmet is DOT FMVSS No. 218 certified. Inside, shock absorption is provided by several layers of dual density EPS. The lining is made from a comfortable KwikWick II fabric. This is a patented textile that keeps you warm in cold weather or cools you down in hot weather. This trim is removable and washable.

To compare with other models, this one is equipped for the sake of your vision. The interior and exterior screens are treated against fog. The interior pane is protected against UVA and UVB rays. This element is easily retractable. With this helmet you can wear glasses thanks to the Kwikfit system.

  • Lightweight:This helmet is rather light for a modular model. This is due to the material of the shell, but also to the various components inside.
  • Accessible:Users appreciate the build quality of this helmet. It is reliable and yet its price is not as high as products in the same category.
  • Solid:The level of protection of this helmet is fully compliant with Canadian standards. This solidity can be seen at first glance.
  • Greenhouse on the sides:The cheek protectors make this equipment too narrow. Sometimes you have to take a size larger.

2.Bell Qualifier Full face motorcycle helmet

Look and comfort are essential on the Bell motorcycle helmet. This Qualifier model may appeal to you when looking for where to buy the best motorcycle helmet under 300. This is a full model painted in a beautiful matte black color. You can use it with confidence in your daily commute.

It is made of a triple layer polycarbonate and ABS shell. The filling, too, is composed of 3 layers of EPS. The fabric in contact with your skin is antibacterial. So even if you sweat, you don’t have to worry about bad smells.

In addition, the Velocity Flow Ventilation system guarantees good air circulation in the helmet. This flow is adjustable. As for the glass, it has excellent characteristics touted on any comparison . NutraFog II coating prevents fogging. It also provides protection against scratches. This protective screen is replaceable without requiring any tools.

  • Design:The profile of this helmet is very elegant. It has a fairly simple design, but classy. The matte black color reinforces its aesthetic.
  • Comfortable:This equipment fits perfectly to its wearer. It is neither too tight nor too loose. In addition, the textile inside is well ventilated and comfortable to wear.
  • Convenient:Changing the screen is easy. It does not require any tool. In addition, the pads are interchangeable and washable. Then, the ventilation is adjustable.
  • Screen tint:The protective screen is not smoked. Yet, this is a feature that is eagerly awaited by users.

3. Razor Full face helmet

If you are looking for what is the best motorcycle helmet under 300 on the market for your child, check out Razor. This brand offers just this motorcycle helmet for children. This is an integral model. The little ones can thus practice their activity in complete safety.

This equipment is suitable not only for motorcycles, but also for cycling or skating. From 8 years old and up to 14 years old, your children can wear it. It is suitable for head sizes varying between 21.5 ” and 23 ”. The padding ensures comfort, but also optimal protection.

In addition, 17 openings ensure good air circulation so that the young rider always feels comfortable. This model is also equipped with a visor which protects well from the sun’s rays. This helmet offers enough space for glasses. Even with this protection, listen to user advice and watch your child well.

  • Suitable protection:This helmet is the essential accessory to protect children during activities that can be dangerous. It is solid and adapted to their size.
  • Good ventilation:The multiple openings ensure good ventilation. The rider therefore always has fresh air, especially during long competitions for example.
  • Versatile:This template is designed for different types of activities. There is not only cycling, motorized or not, but also skateboarding and rollerblading.
  • A bit big:It seems that this helmet is a bit wide for young children. It is more suitable for teenagers.

4.Torc T5002ISO24 Open face helmet

If you’re a fan of retro style, the T-5O should be right for you. Offered by the TORC brand, this open motorcycle helmet is shiny white. Strips in shades of brown give it that characteristic vintage look. This model is perfect as a motorcycle helmet for women.

It can be fitted with a visor. The fixing points are there for that. The interior of this inexpensive helmet features EPS padding. This one is covered with a faux suede fabric. This aspect reinforces the style already asserted. The cheek pads can be removed for washing.

As for the shell of this helmet, it is made of fiberglass. Regarding standards, this model is DOT certified. You can therefore wear it with confidence. The comfort of this helmet is pushed to the chinstrap. The strap is indeed padded.

  • Retro look:The style of this helmet is decidedly vintage. It brings a real touch of old chic not only with its shape, but above all with its colors and materials.
  • Supplied accessories:This helmet is not delivered alone. Among other things, a removable visor is provided. These accessories make this model interesting on a price comparison.
  • Easy to maintain:The shine of this helmet is easy to clean. In addition, the textile can be removed. This makes it easier to wash.
  • Quality of accessories:Some users complain about the quality of the supplied accessories. It is better to get more.

5.ILM Dual Sport Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet with Visor

Entering the category of adventure helmets, this model is very versatile. ILM is in this case the best brand of motorcycle helmets for multiple uses. Indeed, you can wear it for any activity where it is required to be worn.

It is a full face helmet with removable parts. When you remove the protective screen, it becomes a motocross helmet. Remove the visor and you have a road helmet. With all parts fitted, you have a complete helmet. In addition to the exterior screen, this model is equipped with a smoked sunscreen. It is obviously retractable.

With this helmet, you have a wide field of vision. As for ventilation, it is very efficient with the fresh air inlets at the front and on the top. The hot air is evacuated at the back. All liners are detachable. This includes the bottom and side pads. You can easily wash these items.

  • Versatile equipment:Modular, this helmet lends itself perfectly to all mechanical sports. Motorcycle, ATV or rally, it adapts to each use.
  • Complete material:This model is equipped with all the necessary equipment for a good helmet. There is a visor, a transparent protective screen and a sun visor.
  • Excellent value:This helmet is less expensive than almost all the competition. It’s actually 3 pieces of equipment for the price of one.
  • Fogging:When the rider is not riding, fog tends to appear on the protective screen.

Buying Guide – How To Choose A Good Motorcycle Helmet?

The helmet a person wears when riding a motorcycle can define their style. However, one must also choose based on many other criteria. Your safety is at stake. Therefore, consulting a buying guide for the best motorcycle helmet under 300 such as this one can prove to be beneficial.


Remember that a helmet must be worn on the head. If it is poorly adjusted, it can create a lot of inconvenience. So, before looking for where to buy a new motorcycle helmet, first determine what size is right for you. To do this, measure around your head. Take a tape measure and measure the circumference by placing the tape above your eyebrows.

The tape measure should go above the ears and just below the top of the head. Note the value obtained, whether in centimeters or in inches. There is a correspondence table between the appropriate measurement and helmet size. The latter varies from 4XS to 3XL. However, in general, manufacturers offer equipment ranging from XS to 2XL. This corresponds to a head circumference of 53 to 54 cm (20 7/8 ” to 21 ¼ ”) for the first and 63 to 64 cm (24 ¾ ” to 25 3/16 ”) for the second.

When you know the size you need, try on the helmet if you have the chance. This is the best way to know which motorcycle helmet to choose. This equipment should go in without you having to force too much. Then try to slip a finger between your forehead and the foam. He shouldn’t pass. Then turn your head quickly. The helmet should not move. It is normal for new equipment to tighten a bit at first. However, it shouldn’t hurt you.

The type of helmet

Motorcycle helmets are built in different configurations. The full face helmet covers, as the name suggests, the entire head. It is the kind most suited to the road. So, for long trips on a motorcycle, choose this helmet. It offers the highest level of protection. On the other hand, ventilation is limited and the weight is a little high.

In an urban environment, the most efficient helmet in terms of ventilation and protection is the jet helmet. This does not have a chin bar, but often a screen. Lightweight and most of the time very aesthetic, it offers little protection to the face. The demi-jet is a variation where the coverage of the cheeks and the nape of the neck is reduced.

The best compromise between these 2 types is the modular helmet. This is a full face helmet where you can raise the chin bar. The configuration therefore depends on the moment. At high speed, everything is lowered, screen as chin bar. On the other hand, for a trip in town or to chat, just open the headset.

More specifically, there are the all-terrain models. They are designed primarily for cross country. This type of equipment is better ventilated. It is easily recognized by its voluminous chin bar and extended visor. This is the best motorcycle helmet under 300 for extreme sports. Most of these helmets can be personalized or customizable. They thus become elements demonstrating your personality.


Several criteria make a helmet practical or not. Before that, you should know that such material must be approved. Otherwise, you risk a fine or worse, serious injury. In Canada, the minimum is DOT certification. There are others like the Snell or CAN-3-D230. These approvals ensure that your equipment actually protects you.

The glass or screen of your helmet also plays an important role of protection, but also of prevention. It serves as a windshield. In this sense, it prevents the wind from reaching your face, especially at high speed. In addition, some models are smoked. The glass then protects from the sun’s rays. On the other hand, tinted or smoked screens are not recommended and are prohibited at night.

On many models, this glass can be replaced. The choice is often wide among manufacturers. It is also preferable that the screen is treated against fog. This can be a source of trouble.

The closure of a helmet also makes it practical if you choose the right model. In fact, buying a helmet involves closing the chinstrap each time you ride a motorcycle. Depending on whether it is a micrometric adjustment system or buckles, this element must be able to be closed and opened easily. A padded chin strap is also more comfortable.


The Future Of Motorcycle Helmets

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