Top 5 Best New Turntable Under $500 Of 2021

The record player hasn’t said its last word. After being relegated to the museum for a few decades, it captured the attention of music lovers. Manufacturers have designed more efficient readers, based on older equipment. If you’re going to get one, we’ve separated the hottest ones right now. Crosley CR704D-PA is equipped with Bluetooth technology, it features CD and cassette players, and broadcasts FM radios. House of Marley EM-JT000-SBA is a robust and modern model, which supports 33 and 45 rpm records.

The 5 Best New Turntable Under $500 (Reviews & Tests) of 2021

Having already in mind the type of record player that suits you, you will no longer waste your time studying all the models sold on the market. Besides, it will be easy for you to identify the important characteristics. This comparison has been prepared to show you the preferences of today’s music lovers.

1. Crosley Musical Record Player with Radio

This Crosley record player stands out with its vintage design. Make no mistake about what you can do with this device. In fact, Crosley is not far from being the best brand of record players. This model is compatible with 3 reading speeds. It accepts 33, 45, and 78 rpm records.

Apart from that, it is equipped with the Bluetooth system. You can therefore connect your smartphone or an MP3 player to it, to listen to all your favorite songs. On the sides you also have a cassette player and another space for CDs. You have everything you need to enjoy great music.

In addition, this device receives FM radios. This gives you the freedom to follow the programs that interest you, depending on the channels available in your area. This device provides excellent sound, thanks to the built-in speakers it has.

Good points

  • Style: This model surprises by the association of a vintage style, in the color paprika, with the technology with which it is provided.
  • Several readers: It can play 33, 45, and 78 rpm records. You can listen to MP3 music, from a phone. Old audio cassettes and CDs will find a second life with this device.
  • Quality: This record player is equipped with speakers that output perfect sound.

Negative points

  • Reading: Some users have experienced problems with other drives.
  • His: Others claim the absence of output, to connect an external speaker.

2. House of Marley Stir It Up Turntable

The manufacturer cares about the environment, while providing a product to satisfy all music lovers. It perpetuates the philosophy of Bob Marley. The proof is the support made of bamboo harvested respecting the regeneration mode of the plant.

This model supports 33 and 45 rpm records. An automatic start option is available for easy reading. There is also a tone control system.

The most efficient equipment is the one that meets your needs. This device has a USB port, and a cable that you can use to connect it to a computer. It is possible to convert the songs on the discs to more common formats. This record player features an aluminum alloy platter that promises durability. A headphone jack is useful for connecting headphones and an RCA output, for adding speakers.

Good points

  • Conversion: Converting old discs allows files to be preserved for distribution on other media. It’s a way of reviving old titles.
  • Robustness: This device shines with its robustness. From the bamboo base to the metal arm, including the solid top. The equipment is delivered with a cover.
  • Sound output: You have the option of using an earphone or external speakers.
    Negative points

Negative points

  • Reading: Playback speed is limited to the two 33 and 45 rpm discs.
  • Complicated: In practice, the conversion is not that simple.

3.Sony Electronics Inc PS LX310BT Vinyl Record Player

This compact player benefits from Sony’s expertise in electronic devices. It deserves special attention, if you want to find out how to buy a better value for money record player. Indeed, it is offered at a reasonable price, given its quality.

It is easy to use, thanks to an automatic start function. You have the freedom to order feedback on a game. The device accepts 33 and 45 rpm records. Moreover, it is accompanied by a 45 RPM adapter.

A built-in preamp provides quality sound. You can set it to 3 different payouts. This record player is compatible with Bluetooth technology, which allows you to listen to all your music from other devices.

A USB output is available to connect the device to a computer. Thus, it is possible for you to record the songs in MP3 format, to save them and listen to them on other equipment.

Good points

  • Connectivity: Thanks to the Bluetooth system, you can link this player with other devices to listen to the songs you like.
  • Recording: Recordings can be done by connecting your player to a computer. The USB port is made for this.
  • Preamp: This model is equipped with a preamplifier which provides suitable sound for enjoying good music.

Negative points

  • His: The sound needs improvement, using an external speaker, if you want the top quality.
  • Use: There are no instructions regarding the use of this device. Which complicates its handling.

4. Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB-SV Turntable

This model is distinguished by its strobe plate. A speedometer provides easy spotting for the 3 supported disc types. All you have to do is choose the right track, depending on the speed you want.

It is a hand-read device, but you don’t need to worry because the S-shaped arm is balanced, so that you can control the lifting. This device has a ½ inch universal mount, equipped with an AT-VM95E magnet.

If you are looking for the Best New Turntable Under $500, which you can handle however you want, this model is for you. Its structure does not make you feel the low frequency returns.

In addition, the cast aluminum plate is provided with a felted mat, to reduce resonances. Through a USB connection, you have the possibility to convert your discs into digital format, on a Mac or a PC.

Good points

  • Handling: The manual operation of this model gives you the advantage of scheduling playback at a pace that suits you.
  • Quality: The sound obtained is of a high quality, thanks to the anti-resonance system, and to the damping at the base.
  • Conservation: You can keep your songs on other media, by converting them to common formats.

Negative points

  • Plastic: Some customers report that much of this device is made of plastic. Which leads to doubt its robustness. In addition, it is expensive, compared to other models.
  • Mounting: The cartridges must be mounted correctly.

5. Victrola 3-speed bluetooth turntable

This Victrola record player is a portable model. Moreover, it is shaped like a suitcase, with a handle. Which facilitates its transport. You can take it with you, in party or event entertainment. Its turquoise design gives it an elegance that you will be proud of.

It is also a cheaper model, but of excellent quality. It accepts 33, 45, and 78 rpm records. A built-in Bluetooth allows you to connect other devices to listen to all your music.

A 3.5mm auxiliary input is available, if you feel like plugging in devices that don’t have Bluetooth. There is also a headphone jack, for plugging in headphones.

This player has stereo speakers that provide quality sound. With a button, you choose between automatic playback stop or manual stop. This material benefits from a century of experience of the Victrola brand.

Good points

  • Portable: This device can accompany you everywhere, thanks to its light weight and its suitcase-shaped structure.
  • Connectivity: You can use the bluetooth system to play files on a phone. Playback on another device is possible, using the auxiliary input.
  • His: The sound is impeccable and stereo. This is due to the presence of built-in speakers.

Negative points

  • Loudspeakers: Users complain about the poor quality of the sound provided by the speakers. It will therefore be necessary to think of an external amplifier for a more pleasant listening.

Buying Guide – How To Choose A Best New Turntable Under $500?

Choosing a player depends on your favorite types of discs, and the sound quality you want. Other features are available on these devices, and it’s up to you to see what works best for you. This buying guide to the Best New Turntable Under $500 will tell you more.

Reading mode and speed

Turntables come in two different large groups, depending on the drive mode. The belt model has a plate completely separate from the motor. The two components are then connected, using a belt, which takes care of the reading. This system achieves a cleaner sound, because the vibrations that come from the motor, during playback, are damped by the belt.

The direct drive record player contains a platter connected to the motor, without any intermediary. The motor turns the platter, to read the discs placed on it. In this method, it is possible to perform reverse reading. This is what Disc Jockeys do, to create different tones.

To understand which is the best turntable on the market, it is important to educate yourself on the playback speed of a device. This lets you know which disks are supported. Most models can play 33 and 45 rpm records. Others are even capable of reviving the 78s. Depending on the music media you have, choose the right material. It would be a shame to acquire a device, which will not even be able to play your favorite discs.

Other integrated readers and connectivity

When looking for where to buy the Best New Turntable Under $500, you’ll have to consider what you’re going to do with it. Certainly, you have other media, such as CDs, or even cassettes, that you want to listen to. If you are a true music lover, you have already realized that the musical treasures of the past have become scarce on the market. You therefore have the opportunity to promote yours by purchasing the appropriate device. Moreover, the evolution of technology has allowed manufacturers to design models equipped with CD players and cassettes.

Before buying a record player, check the connectivity available. This allows you to access more music files. Some equipment is equipped with Bluetooth technology. You can then connect the device to another device that has the same system. The record player then becomes an amplifier, to listen to music on your phone or tablet.

Some models have a slot, to insert an SD card. Others have a USB port, which allows you to stream songs from a USB stick. There are even record players that can be connected to a computer.

Sound quality and accepted audio formats

How to choose the best record players of 2021? This is precisely the question you must ask yourself to get a device that meets your expectations. Listening to good music is not enough, if the sound resembles that of resonating pans. It is essential to have an impeccable sound, even if the record dates from the 60s.

This is possible with today’s devices, especially for those with a built-in preamp. Other models require a speaker to be connected to provide adequate sound. In this case, make sure the device has an RCA output.

Supported audio formats are also a must-have before deciding which turntable to choose. This is especially for models that can be connected to other devices. What is the point of connecting your smartphone to the record player, if the latter does not accept all formats. In general, MP3 songs are compatible with these players. If you have music in other types of files, you will need to make sure that you are about to acquire the right material.

The design and other features

Design is a criterion to take into consideration when choosing a record player. You can be sure that this reader will grab the attention of those who enter your home. So it is in your interest to take an elegant model. The vintage record player is all the rage today. It stands out for its old-fashioned design, while also featuring high-tech options. Lightweight material is easily transported. The sturdiness of the material guarantees the durability of your device.

The available features should be checked when you browse a price comparison. There are models that allow file conversion, to save them in other more common formats. An LED screen would be a plus, to identify the current reading.

frequently asked Questions

Q1: How does a record player work?

A record player works, by spinning a vinyl record. An arm, generally metallic, equipped with a diamond or sapphire tip, is responsible for reading the tracks. On a record, the grooves represent the sound parts. It is by touching them that the arm produces the sound, according to the song recorded on the disc. Playback speed varies from device to device. Moreover, to choose a model, you must compare those offered.

Today’s devices have evolved to allow music to be played on other media. Some models can be used for listening to audio cassettes or CDs. Others act as a Bluetooth speaker, for devices that have the same system. Many of these models exist in the usa.

Q2: How to use a record player?

To play a record on a record player, simply place it on the platter. If you have a cheap device, which works automatically, using a control button, it will play as soon as everything is programmed. In the case of a manual model, you should take the arm, to place it on the edge of the disc. Some devices have a feature that allows you to resume or pause playback in the middle.

On other equipment, it is not possible to stop playback in the middle of the disc. The automatic devices stop reading as soon as the needle reaches the end of the track. When you are not using your record player, it is best to cover it to avoid dust deposits.

Q3: How do I change the needle on a record player?

Before changing the needle of a record player, you must first check which cartridge is used in that model. It will be necessary to replace it with a cartridge of the same reference. This will save you the trouble of immediately looking for where to buy a new record player.

Using pliers, remove the old needle from the cartridge. Sometimes it is necessary to completely replace the cartridge, if it can be removed. To make it easier for you, remember to raise your arm. Once you have taken the needle to be changed, put on the new one. When the latter is fully seated, you will hear a small click.

Q4: How do I repair a record player?

Normally, no one improvises as a record player repairer. Still, if you really need to do this task, we’ll give you the necessary advice. All components of this device are replaceable. The first thing to do, when there is a failure, is to check where the problem is. Before opening the device, you will need to obtain new parts.

So identify which part needs to be repaired or even replaced. Then remove the defective part and place the new one. The handling of these components should not be done in haste. You must understand each system, in order to provide a more efficient solution, in its repair. If you don’t want to risk yourself in a field that is completely new to you, it is better to call in a specialist.

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