The 5 Best Pressure Washer For Heavy Equipment Of 2021

To effectively clean different surfaces, a simple garden hose is usually not enough. A pressure washer is much more convenient. It can perform a deep scrub. If in the past this machine was reserved for professional use, it is now accessible to individuals. The offer is even quite wide in this area. To have a jet of great power, there is for example the model Simpson MS60551-S 3200 PSI . As for the Stanley SXPW3124 , it is practical to use with its panoply of supplied accessories. They allow a variety of jobs to be carried out.

Buying Guide – How To Choose A Good Pressure Washer?

Finding a good pressure washer is not as easy as it seems. Several criteria should be considered before purchasing such equipment. This buying guide for the best pressure washer for heavy equipment gives you a few that can make the difference. Check them carefully before making your purchase.

The type of engine

As with many appliances, there are 2 types of motors for pressure washers. The 1 st is thermal. If you are looking for the most powerful model in terms of power, you will find it in this category. Running mostly on gasoline, its power is expressed in horsepower. The displacement, whose unit is cm3 or cc, is also a good indicator.

The higher it is, the more powerful the motor. The downside to this kind of gear is noise. Then, it also requires some maintenance with the spark plug (s) and filters among others. In addition, thermal washers are less environmentally friendly. These devices are used more in professional environments because of their power and their higher cost.

Electric pressure washers are generally less powerful than thermal models. However, for individuals looking for where to buy a new pressure washer, this type of machine is perfectly suited. It does not emit harmful gases. The current in Amps and the power in Watts of the motor must be indicated by the manufacturer.

With a power varying between 1100 W and 4000 W, current devices are quite light. They are quite comfortable to handle, especially for higher end models. However, this type of pressure washer is limited by the length of the power cable. There are still battery models. It is nevertheless necessary to verify its autonomy.


The type of use

The use you make of it determines the choice of model to acquire. The different jobs and the frequency of jobs define how to buy a pressure washer that is better value for money. So, if you only use this device a few times a year, and for small cleanings, it is not worth investing large sums in a high-end device.

On the other hand, for more intensive and / or more frequent use, a more powerful, resistant and efficient model is needed. Apart from the engine power, 2 other parameters must then be considered. These are pressure and flow. They are very important in the quality of the wash. First assess your needs before choosing a particular model of washer.

Depending on the manufacturer, the water pressure is expressed in PSI or in bars. The higher it is, the more easily encrusted dirt will come off. Professionals believe that for light or occasional maintenance, a pressure of less than 130 bars or about 1885 PSI is perfectly sufficient. On the other hand, for more stubborn stains on rough surfaces, more power is needed. Extreme cases may require up to 200 bar or more.

Choosing the best pressure washer for heavy equipment is also related to the volume of water consumed per unit of time. The flow rate is thus expressed in l / h or in l / min and sometimes in gallons per minute. The higher it is, the faster the cleaning will be.

The accessories

A high-pressure cleaner is made up of different parts. It is obvious that the best brand of pressure washers as well as the most basic have a gun. There is also a high-pressure hose. Then, the variety of accessories sets some models apart from others. Thus, most devices have pressure control. The shape of the jet is conditioned either by the rotation of the nozzle of the gun or by interchangeable tips. You usually have the choice between values ​​ranging from 0 ° to 40 °.

For certain specific jobs, several manufacturers offer specialized accessories. There are thus soap nozzles or rotary brushes. These elements are useful for washing your car for example. If you’re not sure which pressure washer to choose, opt for a model with full accessories. Indeed, the vast majority of these elements are not inter-compatible. This means that a brand has its own accessories which do not adapt to other brands.

Among these additional elements, there are, for example, lance extensions or telescopic lances. You can also find sandblasting kits for stripping metal surfaces. There are also tools for cleaning gutters or pipes.


The 5 best pressure washer for heavy equipment (Reviews & Tests) of 2021

Finding out how to choose the best pressure washer for heavy equipment of 2021 can sometimes take a long time to look. Not all models are suitable for everyone. Some devices are then offered to you here. These are great options. See and choose the one that best suits your expectations.

1. Simpson MS60551-S 3200 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

The Simpson brand has this high-pressure washer among its product line. It is a model difficult to compare with others given its characteristics. This device is equipped with a heat engine. This one comes from Honda. Specifically, it is the GC190 model running on gasoline.

Engine oil is supplied with the machine. This mechanism provides the device with a pressure reaching 3200 PSI at 2.5 GPM. This power is perfectly suited for preparing surfaces for painting. The washer can also strip a driveway. This mechanism is mounted on a steel frame. It has a powder coating to protect it from corrosion.

If you opt for this washer, you are choosing to buy strength and mobility. Indeed, it is equipped with 2 wheels of 10 ” which perfectly absorb bumps. In addition to the lance, 5 quick-attach nozzles are provided.

Good points

  • Solid machine: The frame and the motor of this pressure washer are very sturdy. The tires are also of good quality.
  • High power: The pressure that this cleaner can produce is very high. For wood, stone or metals, it is quite suitable. We must therefore reduce this power to wash cars.
  • Simple to use: The engine of this device starts on the first contact. In addition, all components are easy to install.

Negative points

  • Noisy: As a thermal device, the engine of this model is noisy and causes vibrations.

2. Stanley SXPW3124 High pressure gas washer

You will see in comparison that this pressure washer is also a thermal model. It is equipped with a STANLEY Easy-start engine. This has a displacement of 196 ccs. The pump it powers is capable of producing a jet of water at a maximum pressure of 3100 PSI.

As for the maximum flow, it is 2.4 GPM. To adjust the pressure, you just have to turn the dial installed directly on the lance. The latter can be fitted with a turbo nozzle. The gun thus projects a powerful oscillating jet of water. To vary the uses, 4 other tips can be installed. They are 0 °, 15 °, 40 ° and one last for soap.

Due to its various guarantees, the characteristics of this machine are well rated on a price comparator. The motor, pump and even the frame are all guaranteed by the manufacturer. As for the MorFlex hose, it is resistant.

Good points

  • Good value for money: The price of this device is not as high as its great features might suggest. It remains accessible for an almost professional model.
  • Durable device: All the components of this pressure washer are designed and assembled to provide excellent strength. It resists rust and punctures.
  • Reliable engine: This cleaner is equipped with a powerful motor. It withstands various stresses and intensive use.


Negative points

  • Low pump: The pump position is rather low on the device. This is not practical especially for tall people.

3. Karcher K3 Follow-Me 4-wheel electric high pressure washer

This Karcher pressure washer is an electric model. As the name suggests, it follows you everywhere for all your cleaning projects. So you don’t have to wear the device every time you move to your next station.

For this, it is equipped with 4 wheels including 2 large at the rear and 2 castors at the front. You, therefore, have great maneuverability.

In addition to not being expensive, this model is also powerful. It is supplied with a Vario Power Spray Lance. It allows you to vary the water pressure by just turning the nozzle. When you select a low pressure, the device will automatically spray the soap.

Moreover, this washer is equipped with a detergent tank. This tip is suitable for sensitive surfaces. For hard surfaces, the majority of user advice points to the DirtBlaster. It is best suited for concrete or bricks.

Good points

  • Handy: With its 4 wheels, this pressure washer moves easily, whatever the terrain. In addition, all the accessories are close at hand on the device.
  • Everyday device: This machine can be used for everyday tasks. To clean up grime, whether encrusted or not, this is the ideal tool.
  • Quiet operation: Being equipped with an electric motor, the operation of this device is silent. In addition, it does not produce any vibration.

Negative points

  • Plastic connectors: The pipe connectors are made of plastic. Some are quite fragile and therefore break easily.

4. Greenworks GPW1602 High pressure washer 1600 PSI

The Greenworks brand is ecological. It offers this economical cleaner, but also cheaper. Electric, it is equipped with a 13 A motor. This device is compact. It can be positioned both vertically and horizontally according to your needs.

Its power cord is 35 ‘long. As for the pipe, it measures 20 ‘or more than 6 m. With these characteristics, you have a wide range of actions. The hose is also designed to withstand the high pressure of the water. As for the gun, it is delivered with the removable lance as well as 2 nozzles. These are 25 ° and 40 °.

The maximum pressure being 1600 PSI, this device can be used to remove dirt from a patio, among other things. At lower pressure, you can use it to wash your vehicle. Like many models in Canada, this one comes with a nozzle for applying soap. The tank is integrated into it.

Good points

  • Affordable: This pressure washer is competitively priced. For its many qualities, its price is even quite low.
  • Good efficiency: The pressure of this cleaner is perfectly sufficient to carry out many maintenances and beautification jobs. This device is additionally supplied with essential accessories.
  • Compact: This machine is quite small. It can be carried with one hand without difficulty. Yet it has the same capabilities as a larger model.

Negative points

  • Can heat: During intense and continuous use, this device may overheat. However, it can operate for up to 2 hours without interruption.

5. Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM

If you want to know which is the best pressure washer for heavy equipment on the market, the SPX 3000 from Sun Joe is not far from it. This device with its 14.5 A motor is capable of delivering pressure up to 2030 PSI. The 1800W of this machine produces a water flow rate of up to 1.76 GPM.

This model comes with some accessories. These include 5 quick-attach nozzles. Each has its own color to easily recognize the tool to use. In addition to this, 2 removable detergent tanks are also included. You can put 2 separate products there and use them alternately.

As for the gun, it is fitted with a Total Stop System or TSS trigger. This activates the pump only when you press it. Otherwise, it stops. Before you find where to buy the best pressure washer for heavy equipment, know that it comes with a needle cleaner.

Good points

  • Economic: This machine leads to water savings compared to the conventional garden hose. In addition, the trigger that stops the pump reduces power consumption.
  • Easy to assemble: It only takes a few minutes to connect the machine to the water supply. The hose and gun as well as the nozzles are also easy to assemble.
  • Convenient: The 2 detergent tanks are useful. The high-pressure hose and cord are also of good length.

Negative points

  • Power: The maximum power of this washer is only achieved with the smallest nozzle. Otherwise, it is insufficient.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: How does a pressure washer work?

A pressure washer is a machine equipped with a motor, either thermal or electric. In all cases, it works by setting in motion the elements of a pump or a pump system. In this mechanism, there are pistons and valves. Their number varies depending on the model. The former is responsible for sucking water through the suction valves. She then enters a room. These pistons perform this step when they are lowering. When they go up by the action of the engine, they expel water from the chamber through the pressure valves.

Before all this, the machine must be supplied with water. For this, you must, for example, connect the garden hose to the connector provided. When the compressed water is expelled, it enters the injector. On some models, this is where the detergent is added to the water. After that, the water is transferred to the gun. When you pull the trigger, the pressure is released. This throws the water in a powerful jet. Obviously, this whole process is done at high speed.

It is important to note that the washer must always be supplied with water. Otherwise, there may be air bubbles. These in turn can damage the device. Fortunately, on recent models, the pump stops when you no longer press the handle. Others just make sure the machine is supplied with water before turning on. Each element is designed to avoid these inconveniences.

Q2: How to use a pressure washer?

Before using a pressure washer, there are a few precautions to take. The first step is to connect the water supply before the electricity in the case of an electric model. This connection is made on the connector provided on the pump. Next, you must check the integrity of the electric wire. Then, this appliance must be plugged into a grounded outlet. The cable must also be fully unwound. Always for safety reasons, never direct the jet towards a person or an animal.

To use a pressure washer, you must wear protective gloves and glasses, as there is a risk of projection. When the high-pressure hose and gun are installed, the work to be done should be evaluated. For delicate surfaces like windows or a car, choose low pressure. You can also choose a flat jet of 30 ° to 45 ° and respect a distance of about twenty centimeters.

Detergent application is also done at low pressure. In order to clean a hard surface like the ground, choose a higher intensity. Perform lateral movements. When the dirt is very encrusted, you can bring the head of the lance closer to the surface. You can also use a rotary jet nozzle. To dislodge weeds, a high-pressure pencil jet is effective. There are also special accessories for cleaning gutters or pipes.

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