Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere?

It can be confusing for Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere, because of the belief that cats are independent and that they don’t like being with their family a lot. Here we explain the main reasons why your cat follows you everywhere.

  • When they are puppies you are like their mother, so they will come to you whenever they feel fear, want to be fed, want to play or because they feel safe by your side. It is a very normal behavior in baby cats since, in this way, kittens learn.
  • Cats that do not have much access to the outside because they live in an apartment, because they do not have a patio where they can play and explore, may find it entertaining for them to watch you do your chores at home.
  • Given their instinct, cats constantly monitor their territory, wild cats do this constantly, to take care that there are no intruders in their territory or to spread their scent, and when you see you walking around everywhere, they might think that you are patrolling and they will want to follow you.
  • He’s just playing hunting you, and he’s waiting for the right moment to do it, so he decides to follow you everywhere, to know when to do it. Wild cats usually hunt several times a day, even for fun given their instincts, the same can happen with your domestic cat.
  • Enjoy the time with you, your cat can follow you everywhere, if you are the person who feeds it, if you play with it or caress it many times a day, that means that the relationship you have built with your cat is very beautiful and healthy.

Why does my cat follow me to the bathroom?

Cats are very curious and love to interact, so it is not uncommon for your cat to seek to follow you even in places where you want to have some privacy, such as the bathroom. He can also follow you to the bathroom so you can spend time playing with him, remember that playing with your cat daily will keep him healthy.

  • After a day of studying or working, your cat will likely want to spend as much time with you as possible, so it may want to follow you around the house, even to the bathroom. Your cat could be licking you a lot, sleeping with you, but that means that the relationship between the two of you is very good.
  • In summer your cat could be hot and a bathroom is usually a place that stays cold, due to the tiles with which it was built, so it is not surprising that you find your cat sleeping in a tub, in the sink, or in the bathroom floor.
  • It can also be interesting for your cat since they love to discover new things such as toilet paper, bathtubs, and cabinets or shelves that you may have in the bathroom.
  • If they are bored they may simply want to get your attention and follow you to the bathroom to be pampered or caressed, even to refill their feeder or drinker.

Why does my cat follow me outside ?

Some cats when they are sick wander away and become somewhat aggressive; But there are times when your cat wants to call your attention to tell you that he or she feels sick since you are like his or her mother to him or her, so it could meow insistently.

Check it to see if it has any type of condition that worries you, check that its drinking fountain has water and that it is working. Also check if it is time to eat, if the behavior persists or you find any abnormality in your cat, take him to the vet, he will know exactly what your cat has.

I am pregnant and my cat follows me a lot, why?

Domestic cats are very intuitive and they know, perhaps before you do, when you are pregnant; the truth is that cats can perceive that the pheromones produced by a pregnant woman have changed and know that a new member of the family is coming.

Despite what is believed, there is no greater risk of a woman living with a cat while she is pregnant. A pregnant woman could be at risk if the cat is not vaccinated, has a disease or pathology that is transmitted to humans such as rabies, but these cases are very rare, so precautions are not necessary.

Depending on your cat, it may try to get away because it is shocking to know that a new member of the family is coming, it may even try to escape a few times. On the other hand, there are cats that become more affectionate and loyal to the new mother and her baby, even trying to protect her in any kind of danger.

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